Review of The Trinity of Coaching: God, You and Your Life Coach by DeNeen Attard

Ruth Bomar

Ruth Bomar

I have worked in the public and private school arenas at the k-12 levels. I've taught in both English and Spanish. I began my Academic Coaching business in 2008 working with college students who need academic support to meet their academic goals. I returned to school to pursue my PhD in Special Education at Texas Woman's University in 2010. I have presented at conferences on the following topics: college transition, learning disabilities, learning differences, ADHD, the Learning Brain, teaching students with LD in the general classroom.
Ruth Bomar
Ruth Bomar

The Trinity of Coaching by DeNeen Attard

Summary: DeNeen Attard writes for the life coach and the individual receiving life coaching. The book addresses a variety of coaching topics from coaching readiness and openness to change, to being a person of vision and having the courage to dream. Each chapter starts with a Bible verse and a quote, an effective way to capture the chapter’s theme in an easy-to-get axiom. Each chapter ends with short application and reflection paragraphs for both the coach and the client.  The reflection helps the clients establish their own agenda and goals for each session. The book format provides ease of reference:  chapter titles, scriptures references, affirmations and bulleted key points.

Thoughts: Reading DeNeen ’s book I felt I was sitting across the table with her chatting over a cup of coffee. Her conversational style makes this book an easy read.  I love the bite size pieces of major truths. Starting with a quick introduction to the practice of life coaching, she poses the question, Are you coachable? In my experience as an Academic Coach, being coachable is 90% of the battle. In her direct and clear writing, DeNeen gently leads the reader to examine issues starting with coaching readiness all the way through to the essentials for coaching success. She defines success as courage to ask the tough questions, make the tough decisions and follow through to reach your dreams by being a person of vision.

She presents both the coach’s and the client’s roles in coaching. This will guide the client in selecting a life coach.  The book establishes professional protocol for the coach by creating an effective relationship between the coach and the client. Her book serves to establish ground rules for coaching. I would gladly give this book to my clients at the beginning of coaching sessions.

Coaching without God can only go so far. DeNeen includes the Power Hitter in the coach-client relationship. A harmonious trio: God, You and Your Life Coach.


“This book is a must read for Executive Coaches and potential clients. The contents will summarize the coaching process, as well as facilitate a spiritual connection. Whether one is spiritual or not, the tenets will help to obtain your goals. DeNeen Attard has a great deal to offer the Executive Coaching milieu.”

CPT Charles R. Williams, Ph.D., Military Clinical Psychologist

“Attard has written an easy-to-read book for any person who wants to explore the benefits of having a Christian life coach. She helps the reader get a better understanding of what the picture of a Christian life-coaching relationship should look like from the perspective of all parties involved. As she shares her own personal testimony and past life experiences, she has created a wonderful resource laced with probing questions and nuggets of godly wisdom that will spark self-reflection and true self-examination.

Jessica Anderson, Co-Pastor at Summit Church

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