Top 5 Writing Tools That Will Help You Improve Your Communication Skills

Top 5 Writing Tools That Will Help You Improve Your Communication Skills - People Development Network
Top 5 Writing Tools That Will Help You Improve Your Communication Skills - People Development Network
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jessica freeman

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jessica freeman
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Tools to improve communication skills

Today’s world is so highly developed that being good at expressing your ideas is one of the best ways to be recognized. Regardless of how much you studied or how talented you are, not being able to express your thoughts in a good way can only slow you down or keep you further away from the path of success. Fortunately, something can actually help you improve your communication skills and allow you to express the thoughts in your head. Of course, we are speaking of writing.

Stringing words together into something that makes sense and sounds good at the same time is not an easy task. After all, communication is one of the most important tools we have in our lives. It does not only help us find a good job, but also assist us in finding friends, building a life and many other factors that lead to our fulfillment.

Luckily, there are a few amazing tools that can help you achieve optimal writing results. Take a look at the top five writing tools you can use to improve your communication skills.


GoogleDocs is the perfect spot where you will gather and keep all the information you find necessary. We can access this particular tool with the help of any device and all you need is internet connection.

For years now, GoogleDocs has been one of the most commonly used collaboration and editing tools worldwide. This free to use tool has the ability to create the documents you will write in, invite another person and collaborate on the document all in real time.

Additionally, there are plenty of helpful add-ons that can help you achieve even more. Starting from EasyBib, which is the perfect bibliography creator and moving to Thesaurus, your ultimate helper in finding the right word. It is really no wonder why GoogleDocs is first in our list of most amazing writing tools.


Proofreading is the part of the writing process that many find exhausting or simply avoid. The spell-check tools or autocorrect tools the majority of word processors have, can be helpful. However, they do not really finish the entire proofreading job. However, we all know that without perfect grammar, you will never be a good speaker.

Grammarly is the world’s most commonly used, most accurate specialized software for proofreading. It is programmed to fix 250 error types, accompanied by its many other features that assist your proofreading process. This particular tool is available as a Microsoft Office add-in, a browser extension, desktop app and a website.


The world’s most famous social network is one of our top five tools. Some may find this to be strange, but Facebook is not only the spot for posting photos or seeing what your friends are doing. Actually, Facebook is your perfect tool for communicating and exchanging thoughts and opinions. Also, its many adds and news can help you get information on various subjects and topics, even some that you would never try and google on your own.

Instead of using Facebook as your entertainment tool, try making something out of that experience. Getting in touch with people and communicating can do wonders in improving your communication skills. In addition, there are many groups that you may find interest in and contribute to on regular basis.

Communicating with strangers is sometimes an easier task to those who find it difficult to communicate with peers and friends. Also, joining a group of similar interests can always help you widen your group of friends and meet some amazing new people.

Online Writing Courses

Sometimes the only thing that stands between you and your education is money. Luckily, there are plenty of free courses that universities from all around the world offer and they are all listed in this one spot. Online Writing Courses is one amazing tool. It will help you learn more about improving both the communication and your writing.

Finding good online courses on your own is not an easy task and can be very time-consuming. This is why this fine tool contains some of the best resources for your communication skills upgrade and writing abilities improvement. Make sure to use this advantage.

Writing and speaking are interconnected and simply cannot function without one another. If you wish to develop your communication skills, you can never achieve it without working on your writing skills first. The more you practice to write and communicate, the better you become at both. These two are the components that are crucial for any person’s success. Using the five useful tools we mentioned above is your chance to improve the writing and communication skills easily and fast. Don’t miss it!

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