To be a Leader You need To Stop Fighting Yourself

To be a Leader You need To Stop Fighting Yourself - People Development Network
To be a Leader You need To Stop Fighting Yourself - People Development Network
Renée Gendron
Renée is a developer of professionals and a business builder. For over 10 years, Renée has been a student of the economy and larger economic trends and the challenges they pose to leaders and entrepreneurs. Renée works with professional associations, businesses, entrepreneurs and social entrepreneurs to help them hone their skills. Her training is skills-based and focuses on providing practical advice and tips that professionals can directly implement in their work to improve their effectiveness. Renée’s work centres on workplace leadership, conflict and self-leadership and economic conflict – conflict between organisations and organisations trying to adapt to larger trends. She is a trainer, mediator, researcher and speaker. Renée welcomes feedback.
Renée Gendron


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Renée Gendron
Renée Gendron

Leaders stop fighting yourself

One of the cornerstones of being an effective leader is being genuine. And to be authentic you need to have a good understanding of who you are. That means knowing what makes you tick, why it makes you tick. And perhaps more importantly, under which circumstances you perform best.

Sometimes you follow the best advice out there. And that advice goes against your self-knowledge. It doesn’t fit with how you work, how you think. By heeding to the experts, sometimes you end up fighting yourself.

What does it mean to fight yourself?

People who fight themselves are often frustrated. They struggle to reach their goals. People who fight themselves find it difficult to get into a good groove. It’s a real challenge to have ideas flow and things connect. People who fight themselves are often unsatisfied. They blindly follow a prescription instead of playing around with possibilities. Because of these struggles, people who fight themselves find many things to be a struggle, a burden.

Brilliant and talented people often fight themselves. They let others tell them how to do things when they know it won’t work for them. Conformity is a way people fight themselves.

How to stop fighting yourself

People who aren’t at war with themselves have an appreciation of their strengths and weaknesses. Their self-knowledge allows them to be more intentional and deliberate in their decision-making.

Start paying attention to when you perform certain tasks, when your thoughts start to wander, when you can really focus. You might notice that you do your best technical writing in the morning and are better able to do creative thinking in the afternoon.

When you gain better self-knowledge, you’re in a position to structure your day to improve your productivity, creativity, and overall connectedness – with yourself, others, and the work at hand. You stop fighting yourself and you start exploring your talents, abilities, and skills.

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