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inspiring others
Christina Lattimer
I help leaders develop self- mastery, helping them to become confident in their own inner guidance. I collaborate with leadership experts, managers and HR professionals to help them get their own message and unique services and products to a wide audience.
Christina Lattimer


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Christina Lattimer
Christina Lattimer

Welcome to the second in our 6 months themed series based on the Centre for Creative Leaderships Report of 2013, in which they identified the 6 top challenges for leaders across the globe:  This is how we are featuring the themes:

June Issue – Developing Employees
July Issue –  Leading a Team
August Issue – Guiding Change
September Issue – Managing Internal Politics

Our May edition features fantastic articles and advice from a range of experts and authors from around the globe, where they set out their views on how leaders can tackle the problem of  Inspiring Others

This month’s Interview is with Dr Andrew Thorn.  Andrew was the personal coach of Marshall Goldsmith the winner of 2011 Thinkers50 Leadership Award, an amazing experience for any coach.  He has just recently published his inspiring book “Leading with Your Legacy in Mind: Building Lasting Value in Business and Life “.   You can find my Interview with Andrew Thorn here –  http://goo.gl/3EBd1Q

Bonnie McEwan’s  inspirational article sets out 7 leadership practices which inspire followers, and creates meaning. Resource rich article, with some interesting references and links. http://goo.gl/ETXvqN, While Efiong Etuk takes a much needed look at how inspirational people have transcended place and culture and seem destined to endure. An inspirational look at some of the most iconic leaders of all time.  http://goo.gl/vfKKJ4 

There is an inspiring look at the difference made by coaches, by Kim “Max” White – Great coaches are the people in the organization we come to rely on to weave a fabric of cohesiveness. http://goo.gl/Di4g7l,  Leanne Hoagland-Smith writes about Timeless Questions which have puzzled mankind as long as human beings have been recording history. Volumes have been written by philosophers to scientists seeking the answers to these questions. http://goo.gl/PwaLmc, while after her VBB success Jone Bosworth  takes a “tongue in cheek” look at what could be a common denominator for some of the most famous leaders –  http://goo.gl/G2E0xP

We are delighted to announce our very own Chris Lewis won his category in the UK Blogging Awards 2014.  A richly deserved confirmation of all Chris does for people living with cancer.  http://goo.gl/bvOLau, you can also read what Chris has to say about inspiration after 7 years of courageously living with cancer. http://goo.gl/ucb1Eh

The quality of  articles this month is extremely high, it’s impossible to mention everyone, and so we’ve published the full list below.  We love infographics and we were honored to be asked to be part of Talent-puzzle’s latest work which you can find here:  http://goo.gl/OnIwpY .  

Finally take a look at our collaborative work with contributors from a number of Linkedin groups.   25 Ways to Stop Procrastinating from Linkedin Members   – http://goo.gl/IwLSaA

I sincerely hope you enjoy some great reading!


Full List of Posts – Inspiring Others

The Magnificent 7: Leadership to Inspire others by Bonnie McEwan – http://goo.gl/ETXvqN

Want To Be An Inspiring Leader? – Get A Little Bit Crazy by  Jone Bosworth –  http://goo.gl/G2E0xP

Inspirations that last  by  Efiong Etuk –  http://goo.gl/vfKKJ49

Keys to Being an Inspirational Leader by Runa Bouius – http://goo.gl/6pZknK

What is Your Organisation’s Purpose by Gina Hayden –  http://goo.gl/GxMZFE

7 Essential Traits of Inspirational Leaders by Frederika Roberts  – http://goo.gl/Nt47HW

What Is Inspiration? – by Chris Lewis – http://goo.gl/ucb1Eh

Being Great:  Coaches Who Inspire  by Kim “Max” White – http://goo.gl/Di4g7l

Are You An Inspirational Leader by Bob Mason – http://goo.gl/Se5Mme

4 Steps to Inspiring Others by Bill Puryear –  http://goo.gl/AXj86l

The Timeless Questions by Leanne Hoagland-Smith http://goo.gl/PwaLmc

Inspired By A Hidden Secret In Leadership Styles by Barbara Landers-Schultz – http://goo.gl/S9NZr6

Inspirational Leadership – A Leader of Distinction by Onyi Anyado http://goo.gl/UhgIXZ

7 Common Qualities of Inspirational People, Leaders Should Know by Christina Lattimer -http://goo.gl/cwb2LpLeadership

Principles to Inspiring Your Team  by  Yemi Akinsewaju   – http://goo.gl/TrKm5X

10 Keys to Creating An Inspiring Culture by Oliver Christen  – http://goo.gl/LgfJio

3 Non Verbal Habits of Inspiring People by Cecile Guinnebault http://goo.gl/7f9Fwf

Inspiring Others in 10 Ways  by  George Begemann http://goo.gl/itYgse

Leadership Inspiration – One or Two Way Process by Jaro Berce – http://goo.gl/kR8ah6

Creating Inspiration  by Timothy Barclay – http://goo.gl/Ue6Fq1

Inspiring Others or Motivation to Succeed by Ron Cartey – http://goo.gl/BMG9KM

Inspiring Others – What’s that all about?  by Luciana Cousin http://goo.gl/6wSv1V

How to Inspire Others Through Presence by Michelle Cruz Rosado – http://goo.gl/uC86lo

May You Never Have Fleas by Lisa Engle – http://goo.gl/sf9khL

Other Posts and Features

Chris Lewis Wins the UK Blog Awards 2014 in the category of Individual Health –  http://goo.gl/bvOLau

Book Review:  The Age of the Customer by Rebecca Henderson –  http://goo.gl/HmZvC6

How to Make People Work For You by Talent Puzzle – Infographic – http://goo.gl/OnIwpY

25 Ways to Stop Procrastinating from Linkedin Members   – http://goo.gl/IwLSaA

3 Secrets to Help Your Team Finish Strong by Sean Glaze – http://goo.gl/ycU9JD

5 Reasons to Hold Regular Performance Reviews by  Paul Newton http://goo.gl/iid1L5

10 Pitfalls to Avoid When Selling Your Business by Denise Barnes – http://goo.gl/8voYa4

7 Essential Steps to Good Minute Taking by Paul Newton – http://goo.gl/Wh2V89



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