Our August Theme – Guiding Change

Christina Lattimer
I help leaders develop self- mastery, helping them to become confident in their own inner guidance. I collaborate with leadership experts, managers and HR professionals to help them get their own message and unique services and products to a wide audience.
Christina Lattimer


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Christina Lattimer
Christina Lattimer

Guiding Change Welcome to the fifth in our 6 months themed series based on the Centre for Creative Leaderships Report of 2013, in which they identified the 6 top challenges for leaders across the globe:  This is how we are featuring the themes:

September Issue – Managing Internal Politics

As with our previous issues, our August edition features fantastic articles and advice from a range of experts and authors from around the globe, where they set out their views on how leaders can tackle the problem of Guiding Change
We are delighted to feature the leading Change expert himself Dr John Kotter!  John told me what he thinks is the real problem for CEO’s and leaders in industry:  He also describes his solution to the problems facing organisations to survive, compete and get ahead of the game.  Kotter International are going in an exciting new direction and John describes what they are doing next and gives details about how to contact the team.  I also have an opportunity to find out what inspires John.
With a great video summarizing his latest book “Accelerate”, you do not want to miss this insightful interview!
Interview with Dr John Kotter  – http://goo.gl/3f4DVv  By Christina Lattimer -
With a big thanks to the Authors, here are all the featured posts for this specially themed edition!
Tales of the C Words and the Impact of Culture       http://goo.gl/kU0zJl  by Richie Maddock    -
Guiding Change – The Journey of Change in 5 Steps   http://goo.gl/oxZZ6b by Oliver Parker -
Grow Through Change http://goo.gl/7He3nP by Rod Willis -
AAA of Transformational Change http://goo.gl/pqWkFL By Robert Tipton -
8 Essentials for Successful Change    http://goo.gl/1aqJF1    By Oliver Christen -
Busting The Myth That People Don’t Like Change http://goo.gl/uXVNO0  By Ros Cardinal -
How To Successfully Navigate Through Change http://goo.gl/FJXsuf  By Leanne Hoagland-Smith -
Proactive Change Management  http://goo.gl/KuSXTP  By Bill Matthies  -
Managing Change  In Your Industry  http://goo.gl/KZ9NA9        By Marie Maher -
Managing Change Through Developing People  http://goo.gl/aDC7ml  By Michael Maynard -
Change is Good, but Growth is Better   http://goo.gl/CzhECJ   By Rich Bishop -
Could You Be A Workplace Mediator?   http://goo.gl/glb64W      By James Stuart
To Change or Not to Change, can you Control it?   http://goo.gl/n8p72v    By Cindy Benning
Plan A = A+    http://goo.gl/bF8GXT   By Lisa Engle -
The HOW to Guiding Change Successfully  http://goo.gl/OOT8LM   By Runa Bouius
Leading Change and Guiding Change, is There a Difference?     http://goo.gl/ks7Tqx    By Bob Bennett -
Canoe the Wilderness of Change    http://goo.gl/Gml967   By Jeff Ton -
How to Take Charge of Changes   http://goo.gl/oxzFcC   By Lora Schafer -
4 Tips for Leading Teams Through any Situation    http://goo.gl/eIp0jv    By Peter Gasca -
A Few Steps to Enhance Your Negotiation Strategy http://goo.gl/JKGQr4   By Christopher Austin
3 Reasons Why Change Can Be Your Guide    http://goo.gl/J5ZnA6  By Michelle Cruz Rosado
Beware Continuing to Solve the Wrong Problems  http://goo.gl/56hr7d  By Efiong Etuk
Book Review – Rebuilding Trust in the Workplace  http://goo.gl/dhqn5d  By Patricia Santangelo
Managing Change In A Small Organisation  http://goo.gl/K2T8To By Julie Gordon

Who Needs Leadership Change? http://goo.gl/arV0Yk By Paul Alves


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