April 2014


Interview With Best Selling Author: Kevin Kruse

Kevin Kruse is one of the leading authorities on employee engagement in the United States. As our theme for this month is “Developing Managerial Effectiveness”, I realised Kevin’s expertise was key for leaders and managers. When he agreed to be interviewed I was delighted! I hope leaders and managers embrace Kevin’s fun, engaging and well evidenced advice on employee engagement.

Help Them Grow or Watch Them Go – Book Review

Andy Uskavitch, leads us through “Help Them Grow or Watch Them Go: Career Conversations Employees Want”, by Beverly Kaye and Julie Winkle Giulioni – a “must have” book for anyone developing managerial effectiveness themselves, or in their team

Employee Engagement

Employee Engagement for Growth

In this article Huw Morris explore two themes of managerial effectiveness: Increasing dialogue with the people we work with & engaging employees in a company’s evolution and
A more overt “pact” between leaders and their teams, whereby leaders secure discretionary effort. It is these factors which Huw believes Leaders must embrace to improve managerial effectiveness


The Politics of Employee Communication

This is an introduction to an article written by James E. Lukaszewski on “The Politics of Employee Communication” based on The Ridgeway Strategic Audience Analysis Worksheet/Model. The summary and article are included in our series as a key problem for effective management is in the cascade of effective and accurate communication. Whether you agree the model or not, it certainly gives food for thought.


Your Thinking Will Determine The Success of Your Business

Understanding the power of our minds and the way we think is crucial to how to move forward successfully and make the changes we need to transform the way we lead and engage our teams. It is these skills along with true emotional intelligence which will decide our leaders of the future