Leadership and Management

Leadership and Management Expertise is at the Heart of the Success of Your Business

Leadership and Management roles are the two jobs which can be lonely and isolating places to be.  When you are the one in charge and the buck stops with you, you need a strong support team around you.

The best leaders create a great team and they also understand that a critical  part of that team is a cross section of coaching, mentoring and facilitating.  In the workplace, leadership and management are cast either as the villains or superheroes, depending on the way the lead and manage and how their team responds.

There are a number of aspects of leadership and management, and firstly it’s being clear about the differences between the roles of leaders and managers.  There will however always be some overlap and it’s essential that a good leader will recruit great management skills if they don’t themselves have the skills required.   Equally managers need to be sure if they don’t have particular leadership skills that there is good leadership in the organisation as a whole.  Ideally a manager should have the necessary leadership skills at a sufficient level to be able to lead their teams

There are a number of ways leadership and management skills can be improved and honed in any organisation.   At the very least the leader or the senior board would definitely benefit from Executive Coaching,  Good executive coaches have many strategies and tools at their disposal to help leaders and senior managers with any issues they might have.   If a business has more than a handful of employees in leadership or management roles, then they would be wise to create a living Leadership and Management Framework.  This will make it very easy to manage and develop the skills, behaviours and values required specifically for what is required to lead the team successfully.

Good leadership development should concentrate on the skills required to cultivate a mission, purpose and vision for the organisation.  Any leadership development programme must deal with how to develop the identity of the organisation and the employees and also to help to cultivate the specific culture required.  Whereas management development should concentrate on cultivating the skills, behaviours and performance of the team.

Leaders and managers will inevitably involved in developing and building the organisation, through good organisational development and design.  An essential part of this process is developing great teamwork throughout the organisation.   Leadership and Management effectiveness can be enhanced when they are able to include team coaching either delivering themselves or bringing external expertise in, as and when required.

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