Your Inner Circle – How is it?

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Stephen Murphy
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It is essential to have an inner circle that can help you in achieving your goals and becoming all you can be.

No one achieves anything alone. A leaders potential is determined by those closest to them.

“In this world, there was nothing scarier than trusting someone. But there was also nothing more rewarding.” 

― Brad MeltzerThe Inner Circle

You cannot leave the creation of an inner circle to chance and it does not have to be made up of just people in your organization. It is also not just a group of friends or family that you “bounce” things off of.

Why you need a team

In the 21st century there is an emphasis on teams. This is because you cannot do everything well. When you try to do everything you end up doing nothing well and you limit your ability to achieve all you can.

”The leader finds greatness in the group, and he or she helps members find it in themselves.” Warren Bennis. This is a sign of a great leader!

Who do you have in your inner circle?

Most people have an inner circle but there is little if any thought or purpose in the selection of the members. There is a strong tendency of most people to surround themselves with people who are like them.

In some cases a leaders will surround himself with people who will “validate” the leaders worth – known as “yes – people”. Regardless, having people like you or you are totally comfortable with can lead to self-destruction and you never reaching your full potential.

Selecting your inner circle

Few people give much attention to the how those closest to you can impact their effectiveness or leadership potential. The selection of your inner circle must be planned and well thought out. You must give thought to what you are setting out to achieve, what skills you are best at and what you need others to bring.

Members of your inner circle need to have been successful in what they do best. Always look for people who are better at doing at least one task or skill than you. By doing this you strengthen your ability to be successful and create a strong team.

What should you look for in MEMBERS?

Here are some questions you need to ask;

  1. Do they have high influence with others?

Leadership is about influence and great leaders always look for ways to increase their influence. What better way than to have powerful influencer in your inner circle?

  1. Do they bring a complementary skill to the table?

You want them to bring a strength that is needed! Especially in areas of your weakness.

  1. Do they hold a strategic position in the; organization, market, or community?

Some people need to be in your inner circle because of their importance.

  1. Do they add value to you and to the organization?

Find people who are lifters of others and should add value to you personally.

  1. Do they positively impact other inner circle members?

You need people who are not in competition with others in your circle, but are looking for ways to help everyone grow and be more successful. You cannot afford to waste time dealing with “bad chemistry” and/or major conflict.

There is one very important question that is not the list because a “yes” does not necessarily make them a member but a “no” will eliminate them immediately. Do they demonstrate excellence, maturity, and good character in all their efforts and performance?

Using these questions will guide you in building an inner circle that can achieve much greater things than any one of you can imagine!

Never stop ….

You must realize that you will not start out with a strong inner circle. This is especially true if you have to build your team from scratch. No matter what you need to embark on an effort to never stop improving your inner circle. There are three kinds of people in organizations;

  1. Those who get it quickly and are off and running
  2. Those who are skeptical and not sure what to do.
  3. The last third who start out negative and are waiting for it to disappear.

Most people focus on the second and third kind of people trying to persuade them to accept the efforts and make a transformation. Instead you should devote your efforts, development, and time in the first group because they are your best talents.

inner circle