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Nicole Dominique Le Maire
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Nicole Dominique Le Maire


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Nicole Dominique Le Maire
Nicole Dominique Le Maire

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Together WorkingMany times in the workplace we feel pressured to compete against one another.

Ironically the only outcome of this behavior is that we tear one another down. In the end it is far better to avoid the temptation of competition and instead favor cooperation. Not only will this result in better outcomes in the workplace, but it can also serve to make contacts with people that will lead to workplace promotions later on in your career.

One of the most immediate benefits of working together is that it results in better outcomes. Since many business leaders tend to focus on the outcomes, a higher quality result tends to result in better recognition. Depending on the workplace, that can lead towards incentives such as higher performance bonuses, career advancement, and placement in leadership roles. Since these outcomes are just as important to women as they are men, it simply makes more sense to work in a team.

Teamwork can help people share the burden of business demands! It also improves the quality of work by preventing oversight of poor individual contributions. A real world example of this could be considered health care because a patient’s safety can be put at risk by even the smallest oversight. The old saying says, “two heads are better than one” and this concept truly applies to teamwork.

Also when we work together in a team fashion, we tend to work more efficiently. This is because the burden of a task can be shared throughout the team. In an example such as a presentation, one particular team member might be a great public speaker while another team member is great at writing a report. Since the task at hand can be delegated according to an individual’s strengths, the work can be done much faster.

This is also a great opportunity for men and women to support one another emotionally as well. Everyone knows how frustrating work can become when someone wants something done but the person who is being asked to do it cannot get the needed help. When we work together as a team, they can not only offer practical and tangible support to co-workers, but they can also emphasize with one another as well. This is crucial because mutual support such as this can help individuals accomplish their goals.

Many times we will also feel a sense of accomplishment when we work together with each other.Working Together

This can be especially true when a group of we do better than their male counterparts. For example a sales team of women could compete against a sales team of men for a bonus or prize. Naturally either team will feel a sense of accomplishment should they win the prize, but a group of women will feel especially good about themselves because sales tends to be considered predominately male.

Finally teamwork allows everyone to assume leadership roles that will help them develop the skills that they need to succeed. It also gives us the opportunity to form relationships with coworkers and to network with other people. That will help new and old employees form the contacts that they need to advance.

By Nicole Dominique Le Maire (c) 2014.