How to have an interoffice romance on Valentine’s Day

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Having an interoffice romance can be eventful, strategic, and most of all – quite daring. If you dare to have one, you must remember to be respectful, discreet and display proper decorum while at work to pull off this steamy love affair! After all, it is arguably true that we spend most of our time at work each day, so let’s make the wisest choices while being there!

I would like to point out and support that it’s not often we can control when we are bit by the love bug, but we can control how we handle the bite when it happens! Jacquelyn Smith, on Forbes Staff, in her article “Who’s Finding Love at Work?” gives us some very nice stats on how often and in what cities this type of love exchange happens most often!

Here are some dos and don’ts to keep your interoffice relationship and the company’s agenda going in the right direction:

Don’t use Company Resources for intimate interaction

One of the most important aspects of this interesting situation should be the presence of being respectful – respectful of company resources and privileges. Resources such as interoffice email should never be used for intimate interaction. Interoffice email is not private, it is easily retrievable, and, if read, could be interpreted as misuse of company resources. Who wants that?   Some might say, “Why don’t you just keep the emails strictly professional?” Well, unless you and your significant other have a working business need to communicate through office mail, this could prove to be a very easy way to communicate something that is non-work related in nature. You could be tempted to send a steamy email! So avoid sending emails to your interoffice love whenever possible.

Leaving a note while passing by, discreetly of course, with only your initials attached and properly worded would be the best way to communicate – if communication is absolutely necessary while at work. Texts also work if you can trust your significant other to read the texts in a very private, non-attention receiving way… while on break, of course!

Do Keep Appearances in check!

When love is in the air, who cares about the appearance of holding hands or showering each other with love in your eyes? You could very regularly decide to take a break from your work load just to walk over to say, “Hello! I was thinking of you and just wanted to stop by for a second!” Even though your love interest would blush with adoration – this is not a good habit to establish!  You may find out, rather quickly, the ease at which you can use your relationship as a mental break from your work tasks.  Though you would only see it as taking a break…this may not be the way others see it, particularly your members of management. They could perceive that you are not focused because you are regularly being seen spending most of your time at “you-know-who’s” desk. You could profess your  disagreement, but of course you know perception is…everything!

Selecting a place to meet on the work campus far from either  work areas will prove to be a good decision. Discretion during work hours will minimize any misconception that you are not focused on the company’s agenda.

Don’t allow your relationship to cause other employees to lose focus

Being up for a promotion yet no one is talking about your recent, great presentation, only your relationship with “so-n-so” equals not good for your promotion review! Another important thing you must manage about your interoffice relationship is the focus that others have on your relationship. One of the best and smartest things to do for your career is to avoid becoming a topic of office gossip. Make every effort to keep other employees from focusing on your relationship by conducting the most proper decorum. Discretion is the key to this. Try keeping your relationship activities such as dates, travel ventures, and interaction private between the two of you. Focusing on your work agenda and meeting deadlines will cause others to focus on that too while minimizing the focus on your personal relationship.

In social settings while at work, join separate groups of co-workers for lunch and break times.  It is inadvisable to isolate yourselves while at work. Isolation will only fuel staring and whispers from other co-workers causing their focus to be on you and not the company’s goals.

Do approach the relationship as a powerhouse!

Mentoring each other and encouraging a great work ethic will move you both up the career ladder of success! After all, this is someone whom you should trust to have your best interest so use this aspect of the relationship to help you both move ahead! More money and opportunities will encourage happiness for the both of you… that’s always good! While it is very important to keep up the right appearances at work to protect your relationship, it is always very important to show your significant other love on Valentine’s Day!

Here are some tips to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your interoffice love in a meaningful, yet quiet manner:

  • Leave an anonymous gift on their desk. Adding your initials gives the gesture some mystery and spice!
  • Send a beautiful bouquet. Everyone loves to receive flowers!
  • Plan ahead for a romantic lunch date away from work. Pick somewhere nearby so you will not be late from your lunch date, yet make it somewhere cozy and secluded.

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