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Todd Nielsen
Todd Nielsen is a Customer Discovery & Product Development pro with 15 years marketing and business development experience in high tech industries like learning & development (Element K, Kaplan), medical devices & solutions (Getinge), and medical imaging (Kodak/Carestream Health). Todd's corporate roles have been in B2B Marketing, particularly in business development, product marketing, and new product commercialization. Todd is also wildly enthusiastic for innovation, disruption, and people with the audacity, vision and leadership to change their world. At Matrix Insights Todd acts as lead catalyst for creating and growing the partnerships, alliances, and communities where our products can do the greatest good.
Todd Nielsen

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By Paul Krause, President, Matrix Insights

We’ve all used them. Ask any senior leader and they’ll tell you they’ve been through several of them: “the MBTI” or “Big 5″, or “the Hogan.”

Personality assessments are used in leadership development and team building programs around the world.

They can be a powerful tool in helping participants build personal awareness and appreciation for differences across the team. However, there’s a problem. After the workshop, reports end up in a drawer. People rarely remember their own profiles, let alone others on their team. And they simply don’t know how they can apply this knowledge to become more effective on the job. They’re left asking, “so what?”

So how do we answer the “so what” question? How can we help leaders apply personality knowledge beyond a workshop in a way that drives results for both individuals and teams?

First, we should provide tools that help leaders apply personality knowledge to improve their communication and build relationships at the right time, the right place, and with the right context. That means making this information available back on the job, at the point of immediate need, when individuals struggle with their direct reports, peers, or manager. It is at this point of immediate need when leaders truly need to remember to appreciate different perspectives and learn to flex their natural tendencies. This is when they need specific action tips to consider.

Second, we need to help leaders apply personality knowledge to become more effective. Dr. Roger Pearman, a recognized expert in the science of personality patterns and leadership development, has conducted extensive research that shows a strong correlation between personality patterns and the competency development needs among leaders. Using this knowledge alone can help leaders focus development in those areas that have the greatest impact on their future success, whether that means building on their natural strengths or addressing common career stallers.

New tools exist to support leaders in applying the science of personality to become more effective. At Matrix Insights, we enable leadership development professionals to provide their learners an online portal that delivers highly targeted development strategies and action tips for their specific relationships. It also provides a coaching dashboard portal allowing trainers and consultants to engage with learners to build action plans using a library of personality-specific action tips with automated e-mail reminders to stay engaged.

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At Matrix Insights we’re building the next generation of learning tools to empower leaders and coaches to leverage the full power of personality knowledge to work across differences, and apply more effective behavior. We’re answering the “so what?” as well as the “what’s next?”