How to Inspire Others Through Presence

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Within us is the ability to inspire others with our perceptions, our emotions and ultimately by our actions.

In September of 2011 I was asked to speak at Ball State University to commemorate the tenth anniversary of the World Trade Center tragedy. The topic of the speech was my personal experience, escaping Tower 2 before its collapse. I was quite nervous to speak, as this would be only the second time I had spoken on the anniversary; the first being earlier that afternoon.

The speech was written to share how I overcame the pain of this unforgettable day, but my true intention was to inspire others with a universal message – that we can all heal from any adversity. I hoped my words would help the audience follow their own path of inner strength. After my speech I quickly returned to my seat in the front row. After the ceremony a young soldier, neatly dressed in his military fatigues approached me. He removed his hat and extended his hand; his eyes filled with tears.

“Thank you for sharing your experience, Mrs. Rosado. That was so amazing. You have inspired me.”

I stared at him for a moment, only to look away. A lump suddenly appeared in my throat. I didn’t know what to say. Rather, what did I say to prompt such a heartwarming sentiment?

Through the years I’ve found that inspiring others is sharing a philosophy not meant to fulfill the dreams of another, but manifested from the brilliance within. Not only our words but actions can inspire others.

More times than not we can be a source of powerful inspiration to those around us, even we are in a state of silence. Compassionate listening—being completely present with another—empowers the individual to be open, therefore helping to resolve conflict. As humans we find ourselves distracted by our outer perceptions; what we see and hear in the media and the latest updates on social networks. We spend much of our time in search of the fastest way to solve the problems of those we love, without fully understanding the core of the problem at hand. When one takes the time to listen from a place that is free of judgment, there is freedom from conflict. Listening with focus, presence and compassion can shift our overall awareness of how we see others, and ultimately how we see ourselves.

The action we take can also inspire others to lead by example. Plato said, “Good actions give strength to ourselves and inspire good actions of others.” When one knowingly acts from the direction of inner guidance and not from a conditioned mind, others can feel an extraordinary amount of inspiration. Simply doing a good deed for another can spark a great amount of motivation for others to do the same.

When our actions are purely to inspire others without a need for personal gain, we are then moving forward through purpose. It is our natural essence to be fearless in sharing our unique gifts with the world, and as long as we are true to ourselves, we can all live a truly inspired life.


Michelle Cruz Rosado
Michelle Cruz Rosado is an inspirational speaker, spiritual mentor and best-selling co-author of "Pursuing Your Destiny: How to Overcome Adversity and Achieve Your Dreams," a story about survival finding one's true self. Since Michelle's deep spiritual awakening from surviving one of the most horrific attacks in American history, she has devoted her life to teaching and mentoring around the world through words of love, hope and perseverance. Over the past six years, Michelle has received the honor of having her remarkable story featured on CNN, NBC Nightly News, FOX and BBC, and named the "Woman of Empowerment" by the Washington Times.
Michelle Cruz Rosado


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