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I believe we are at a time when inspirational leaders are rising but not just inspirational leaders, leaders of distinction are rising to become change agents and reference points of excellence for their community, cities and nations.

To become a leader of distinction, one of your goals has to constantly inspire those who are following you. In February 2014, in regards to leadership, I wrote the following quote; Leadership is bringing people into new realms of excellence and challenging them to become distinguished in their chosen field.

I believe there are three ways you can inspire and constantly challenge your followers to become distinguished in their chosen field.


As a leader, one of the ways to inspire your followers is with your vision. Your vision should impact, influence, instruct and positively impact the previous, present and future generations to constantly raise the bar of excellence and achieve their own visions too. Your vision should show your tears, scars, mistakes and fears but also show your innovation, distinction, determination and success. With this, your followers can see the reality of your struggles and the authenticity of your success. Jan Koum, one of the founders of WhatsApp recently sold the company for $19bn but now we read how in his early days, Jan had been turned down for jobs at Facebook and was also rebuffed by Twitter. His story, vision, determination and distinction has truly inspired a generation of entrepreneurs.


As a leader, another way to inspire your followers is by constantly raising the bar of excellence. When I came into the personal development industry, I made up my mind that my websites will be reference points of excellence so people from different industries can use them and in turn become a reference point of excellence in their industry too. As a leader, you are either leading people into the zone of excellence or into the comfort zone called average.


As a leader, it is vital you produce services and or products that will not only distinguish you in your industry but will challenge and inspire your followers to give birth to creative ideas that will make them thought leaders too. More than ever before, ideas are being birthed that are changing a person’s playing field overnight. You don’t necessarily have to give birth to a new concept but you can create a concept that has already been produced but put your mark of excellence on it that challenges people to become a source of creativity too. What project are you pioneering and will the accomplishment of it excite and inspire your generation?

As a leader, I believe having a clear and defined vision, constantly raising the bar of excellence and giving birth to creative ideas will not only inspire your followers, but will also challenge them to become distinguished too. After all, leadership is about bringing people into new realms of excellence and challenging them to become distinguished in their chosen field.

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