The Timeless Questions


Timeless Questions

Who inspires you?

Whom do you inspire?

What inspires to inspire others?

What is inspiration?

Where does one find inspiration?

These questions and others have puzzled mankind as long as human beings have been recording history. Volumes have been written by philosophers to scientists seeking the answers to these questions.

Yet even with all this knowledge, men and women are still searching for the answers to their own personal inspiration as well as how to instill inspiration into others.

Funny isn’t it?

People work in jobs that fail to fill their own emotional wants because they first must meet their own basic needs.

Then time passes and one day turns into another. Their own sources of inspiration are left along the side of the road.

Possibly now is the time to stop, to reflect and realize inspiration is all around us.

What we must do is just open our eyes, our ears, our noses, our hands and our hearts to:

• A beautiful sunset
• A meadowlark singing in the field
• A freshly baked pie
• A dress of silk
• A soldier returning home

Inspiration is different for everyone and yet very much still the same.

That is what all those experts have failed to realize.

Human beings are human beings with eyes, ears, noses, hands, hearts and heads.

We may think differently, we may be moved by different senses or different things and yet we are still inspired by those very same senses, the very same things.

Inspiration is very much like the secret of success. We can look to the highest mountains, the darkest caves, the deepest oceans and yet when we turn inside and look within, we can discover our own inspiration.

When we understand we can be our own inspiration, our behaviors become inspiring to others.

How incredibly simple!

Think about those unhealthy individuals who lose 50 to 100 pounds. Their weight loss because of their new healthier life style behaviors now challenges others to do the same.

Or how about those who are well read or self-educated? Their knowledge surprises others during a conversation. When they share their most recent reads, others are encouraged to read more, to discover more, to learn more.

Possibly we can take lessons from Ralph Waldo Emerson and Henry David Thoreau who truly valued being inspired by what they saw and how life’s events affected them? Thoreau actually invested many hours in solitude in a cabin he built on land owned by Emerson. Even though Thoreau’s writing focused on simplicity and liberty, the solitude, the reflection all contributed to the inspiration of his writings.

This raises the question do we need to be inspired by outside sources? Do we really need all those self-improvement books?

If we are seeking inspiration from the outside, then possibly the book of Proverbs from the Bible may well suit the purpose.

I am curious as to why so many look to the outside for inspiration and fail to realize their personal own stories can inspire themselves and others.

Maybe by embracing the words of John Quincy Adams we all can be more of an inspiration to ourselves and others:

“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.”

Leanne Hoagland-Smith

Leanne Hoagland-Smith

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