Psychological Profiles of the Dream Team

 decided to engage an Austin-area psychiatrist, Dr. James Maynard, to help him better understand his team at Software Advice. Along with the research help of Managing Editor Holly Regan, they identified the key personality traits of top-performing employees in each role. They dug further into their motivations and what individual challenges they faced.

What came of it? So far they have identified four distinct personality types: the Giver, the Champ (and the Chip), the Matrix Thinker and the Savant. You can read a detailed description of each psychological profile by following the links on the pictures below.




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  • htodd

    Is it just an accident that in the examples given of psychological profiles in the ‘Dream team’, women appear only as ‘Givers’?

  • Hi, Helen,

    We hadn’t noticed this before, and its a bit of a shame isn’t it. I wonder if Don Fornes, the author might want to address this question!

  • asternklar

    Hi! You just reposted this on social media, but the links on the photos no longer function.