Twenty Ways to Motivate Your Staff

Twenty ways to motivate your staff

(without paying them more!)

  1. Recognize success…
  2. and share mistakes
  3. Sort yourself out first (You do have to be self disciplined and you have to lead by example)
  4. Use consultants – with extreme caution
  5. Make employees into owners
  6. Invite your staff to board meetings
  7. Encourage a social life outside work
  8. Get rid of ‘them and us
  9. Always give choices
  10. Give them money – cash
  11. Competition is healthy – Make the message clear
  12. Let them work when they want to
  13. Keep it simple
  14. Respect everyone’s unique abilities
  15. If you must give a car, can you pool it?
  16. Make them winners (you never need to own an idea)
  17. Tell people what their benefits cost
  18. Set up a payroll giving scheme
  19. Give  birthdays as holidays, perhaps, or encourage leaving early for special family events
  20. Give them security through open communication, honesty and fairness – all applied consistently


This extract is taken from More balls than most © Lara Morgan, 2011 (published by Infinite Ideas). Lara is founder of Company Shortcuts – a consultancy dedicated to excellence in sales and leadership. For tips, checklists and templates to help you grow your business, visit: