Five Tips to Effectively Leading a Team

Colleen Lindberg
Colleen Lindberg, is a passionate speaker, trainer, facilitator, consultant, author and mentor. She is the owner and president of CLC Consulting, a consulting firm that specializes in team synergy and connecting the team puzzle pieces together through strategic workshops, productivity assessments, the Kolbe Index and accountability programs for executive management teams and employees. She is the author of the book “Change the Light Bulb: Habits and Choices to Create Success In All Aspects of Your Life” and she is columnist on Business Development in the Toronto Caribbean Newspaper which is published bi-weekly in the Toronto area. Colleen is passionate about youth programs and every summer she runs Summer Company program at Youth Employment Services YES, helping students start up, run and market businesses in the summer. She has run major events such as Youth Empowerment Day and Embrace the G.R.E.A.T You Event both helping out local charities in the respective communities and empowering “solo”entrepreneurs in their businesses. CLC Consulting has assisted clients in the following sectors; wealth management, real estate, moving companies, financial establishments, accounting firms, health and wellness businesses, hair salons, recruitment companies, banking institutions, manufacturing, franchise organizations and many more)
Colleen Lindberg


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Colleen Lindberg
Colleen Lindberg

Five Tips to Effectively Leading a Team.

I truly believe that you can only lead a team after you’ve figured out how to lead yourself. Would you agree? I believe that leadership is taken, learned, acquired and nurtured, which means the person that is driven to be a leader, high performer or even just to get the job done, has attributes about themselves that makes them a leader, however does that mean they can lead a team?

Here are some tips on how to effectively lead your team and continue to grow the company in a more harmonious way.

1)   Learn the talents and skills of the people on the team and get them dong the right things.
As a leader our job is to figure out all the talents of the people in our teams and make sure they are doing role in the company that suits that talent. We all have an instinctual way that we take action, figuring out this piece to everyone will allow people to be productive in their roles along with having a higher sense of contribution and it will make them feel that they belong, allowing their leadership talents to shine. Empowerment of people into their greatness is an asset any company can have if they take time to learn it, do it and then grow it.

2)   Bring positivity into the workplace

Leaders have a quality of motivation to them, whether it is contagious from their work ethic or it could possibly be that they are visionaries and people want to follow them, but one characteristic of a great leader is their positive, upbeat attitude. Bringing positiveness into the team is a crucial piece in effectively leading a team. It allows people to have something to grab onto when the going gets tough, which we all know it will. Having positive quotes around, listening to music throughout the day, smiling, telling jokes, having positive talk breaks. Whatever it is, a positive attitude can go a long way and make others feel great about themselves, so spread the joy!

3)   Recognizing the efforts of the team

As I mentioned in the above paragraph we all want to feel like we are apart of something and be acknowledged for the little things and the big things of course that people do that increase awareness, profits, productivity etc. in the business. Everyone brings their dynamic role to the table and making sure everyone is feeling like they are apart of that is important. It goes a long way in business and it’s such a small thing. One main complaint I hear in some businesses is that people aren’t feeling valued or heard, this step will allow those people to be just that recognized. Maybe it’s in the form of an internal newsletter that goes weekly, acknowledging someone from the team for making xyz steps happen, or it’s in an email blast on Monday morning, or a team meeting or even in team events, perhaps outside of the office but making time for this is important. It could even be as simple as a thank you in passing making someone aware that you know. Sometimes that’s all we need.

4)   Lead by example

Yes I get that some of the perks of being in charge and the leader is that you get to have more “freedom” with your time, since you have people to delegate to, however your attitude, your dedication, your motivation, your work ethic will set the tone for your team. If they see you slacking, they might treat you like a friend instead of a boss. If they see you sitting around “wasting time” they might do the same thinking it’s ok. Have you heard the saying “Do what I do, not what I say” this is the perfect explanation to what leadership represents, we are the example and what we do will only elevate or set the standards to what is happen with the team. So if you are looking for dedication… get dedicated. If you are looking for creativity… get creative. If you are looking to get into shape… do it. Make sense?

5)   Be open and honest

Own up to your mistakes, outline your boundaries and expectations and always be there for them. Let them know that you are there for their questions (even the small, what some people call annoying ones), you are there for them to bounce ideas off of, you are there for them to talk to but also realizing that sometimes you have step into the role and say it like it is. People will appreciate the message more when it comes from a place of truth and openness, even if sometimes in the moment they don’t, they will in time. When hiring employees make sure that they know that these are values that the team stands behind and they can count on this to happen in the company that you work for.

So in closing, no matter what industry you are in, what role you play, you will always have the ability to be a leader, and it might just be in your own life. Own it. Lead it and be it. That’s all there is to it.

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