HR – Defining Your Reality

6 Secrets to a More Productive and Effective Team
6 Secrets to a More Productive and Effective Team
Nicole Dominique Le Maire
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Nicole Dominique Le Maire


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Nicole Dominique Le Maire
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HR – Defining Your Reality

Many employees in large companies will openly admit that they believe that HR has ‘too’ much power over what goes on in the company.

Unlike older times, many companies now leave their HR departments in charge of everything from dress code, to choosing who they want to hire and fire, to enforcing sexual harassment policies, to even working on the direction of the company culture.

In many ways, HR defines the reality for everyone who works there.

But, is this actually a good thing, or is it a sign of a trend gone horribly, horribly wrong?

The fact is that Human Resources departments were created for a very good reason. As companies expanded and began to increase their focus on professionalism, it became more and more of a task for a single employee to deal with hiring processes, dealing with employee behavior and other basic hiccups one could expect in the corporate world.

The need for great HR workers also increased as the laws and regulations governing employer-employee interaction moving into complicated relationships.

Company owners found that it was much easier to delegate employee-related issues to HR than it was trying to figure out who is responsible for dealing with the situations without an HR department being involved. Human Resources, in other words, are an absolutely necessary part of any company. We are not even going to try to argue that HR is not necessary, when it absolutely is! (although it may in the future change it focus to people capital)

The problem arises when the goals of Human Resources become muddled, and when people who work in the HR department begin souring the company’s overall atmosphere and morale by creating and enforcing rules that have nothing to do with someone’s productivity.

Though it is somewhat rare, there have been many cases in which HR turned into a Lord of the Flies of the corporate world. There have been cases where HR actually caused a company’s overall atmosphere to go from relaxed and energetic to stressed out and nervous. There have also been times where people have sued HR departments due to discriminatory practices that they engaged in.

In many cases, business owners may be completely and total unaware of the problem until it’s too late. By the time that employees muster up the courage to tell what is going on in the company, there has often already been too much damage done. When this happens, it’s very difficult for anyone in HR to step up and try to straighten out the issue.

There are ways to make sure that THE REALITY of  your HR team is a good one.

  • If you’re an employee, you should make an effort to give boss a heads’ up if you feel like the policies being put forth are detrimental to the workplace.

  • As a manager or business owner, it only makes sense to keep a close eye on your employees.

If you begin to notice a sharp decline in morale, or if you’re starting to notice a steep incline in your employee turnover rate, it may be time to start asking some questions, checking which function may be definining your reality in the organisation!