Change In Your Organization: The Toughest Decision You Can Make

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Change In your organization is the toughest decision we as humans can make.

The compelling reason to change, has to be greater than the pain of change. The process that the different parts of your psyche undergo, leading up to the actual change, would lead one to believe that change is almost impossible. It is easy to just decide that change is too hard.  But success in business is all about Change in Your Organization and Innovation leading to that change.

Change happens all the time. Let’s look at how change occurs in any situation alone or with other people:

1) The person or organization about to change, or thinking of changing, gathers information. Many times, “they do not know what they do not know.” In this phase the person or organization, considering change, gathers information about the idea of changing.

2) With this information, this person or organization will diverge away from the original information, in the hope of looking for different information(sometimes called looking at all your options) before a decision to

change within your organization is made.

For real, lasting change to occur that can survive the “nay sayers” or “drive by shooters,” you know this type of person, the people that always question why you made that decision to change. Remember people hate change normally. Be ready for them with a rehearsed answer, so they do not disuade you from your decision.

3) Once you have diverged away from what you originally thought should happen, it is now time to decide that what you origionally thought you should do in the first place is the right thing to do.

But now, you are certain because the other thing you looked at as an alternative, did not pan out, so you are now ready to make the change…almost.

4) Next, you need to look at the logistics of the change. Do you have the time for the change and can you afford it? Who will carry out the change? Once these logistical and financial considerations are taken care of, now you are ready to make your final decision to change.

But before you do, lets look at the different psyche inside your mind going through this process and in fact looping through this change process, over and over again every time a new piece of information is presented to the person or organization about to change.

A. The Adult – This persona is the adult inside you that looks at the logistics and finances of the decision to change.

B. The Nurturing Parent(not to be confused with critical parent) – This part of your psyche is the one that decides that this new change will or will not hurt you. If it will not hurt you to make this change, then this part of your psyche talks to:

C. The Adaptive Child(not to be confused with the rebellious child) This part of your persona says, “I want that change.”

The adaptive child says to the nurturing parent, May I have this change?” and the nurturing parent says that it is safe to have, the change,

then the adult takes over in your psyche and you handle the logistics and finance of the change if there are any.

Change is also effected by the severity of the change being considered. Is it a quick transaction change like by a different kind of peas or is it complex and involving many people.

These both effect how change occurs. In fact, these two areas of the change decision will directly bring about differenrt levels of emotions and we all know that people make decisions emotionally.

Not to mention others are involved in most changes and they all have the same psyche components in their personalities.

It is really very interesting when two people try to decide or collaborate on a change. There are different interactions that can occur. Some good and some no so good:

1) Critical parent to critical parent…in this senario nothing gets done. It sounds like two people complaining. Change does not happen here

2) Critical parent to rebellious child…again change does not happen here.

3) Adult to Adult -Very intellectual sounding but again nothing changes because we do not reach an emotional level for change to take hold and a decision to change occur.

Remember, change involves emotions. Have you ever heard that people buy with their emotions? They do. Making a decison to change is buying into the idea to make a decision to change.

Money doesn’t have to change hands for a decision to change to happen. It happens when the compelling reason to change is greater than the pain of change.

It happens with all the characters in your psyche, and the characters of the psyche of anyone else involved witn the decision to change.

And if that weren’t enough there are always people on the outside that drive by and say, “Why did you decide to change to that?” “That will never work!”

It is amazing that change occurs in an organization at all.
Next time you are involved in a decision of any kind, know that this process is going on in your mind and the mind of the people you are dealing with involved in the potential change.

If you’d like to learn more about this idea of how change occurs as it relates to buying in a complex sales situation then you need to talk to my mentors Dan Kreutzer and Robert Lambert of the Samuari Business Group
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