Dealing With how Quickly Things Can Change

Chris Lewis
Hi my name is Chris Lewis and I am a cancer patient. Through my personal experience and my current work, involving people affected by cancer I have learned that you can be affected by a continuing feeling of isolation.
Chris Lewis


#FRSA Award winning global writer, speaker. #Cancer patient leading change for others! Co-Founder @yoursimpal #CPFC fan. Love helping people smile 🙂
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Chris Lewis
Chris Lewis

Dealing With how Quickly Things Can Change

Personally I have always enjoyed change in my business life. I have always seen it is as a new opportunity, and regularly became bored with things, so innovation and change kept me fully motivated. My continual search for improvement, both as an individual and in my business kept me at the top of my game.

Since the introduction of the internet and social media, it seems that we are finding increasing ways in which to ‘improve’ our lives. It has meant that I have been able to find new ways of connecting with people around the world who are affected by cancer, which I would have previously been unable to do.

But I do wonder if things are happening too quickly? I have to admit to being from the generation to see the television and telephone as ground breaking inventions! Now I accept that my grandchildren can ‘Skype’ their friends, and accept this as normal.


We can now do many things at the push of a button, and have most things on demand. But I have to admit to a certain amount of lost satisfaction here. My opinion is that if things are so readily available, they lose their value. For example, I no longer buy music or films, as they are all available online at any time. Also although I take many digital pics with my phone etc, I rarely have hard copies to view, they are all on my computer.

My house is full of the latest gadgets, streaming entertainment wherever I go. My car does everything except drive itself, I have phones and tablets to ensure I never miss any communication. But I am not sure if I am any happier for all this!

Sure, we can do everything quickly and more efficiently in many cases, but my life doesn’t really feel fulfilled for this. Maybe that’s me, but how can we really be satisfied when things have such little meaning?

So where are we going from here? We are still only learning about what the internet can do for us, and I am trying to imagine what life will be like in five years’ time. The changes now are vast, and happening very quickly. The way things were done a few years ago is now redundant.

My opinion is that things are changing so quickly that it will become very difficult to plan certain things, as society is changing rapidly now. Just making decisions in my own life is becoming more difficult, so I can imagine how people running businesses view things.

We need to ensure that change is our friend and doesn’t become our enemy. We need to ensure we change things for a reason, not just because we can! Do you feel that your life has more quality because of change?