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Customer Care – Treat Your Team Like Gold Dust

Many companies invest heavily into marketing their business and implementing a dynamic customer care service, but what many business professionals often forget is that it’s their own employees that can make all difference.

Your team can become brand ambassadors for your company and give your customers an insight into the way the business works and the philosophy of the business.

It’ about empowering them to be the best that they can be at their role, and in return they will sing your praises without even realising it.

A happy team can make for happy customers. So here’s a few tips on how you should invest your time to creating your most powerful marketing tool.

Educate & Invest

As a customer there is simply nothing more frustrating than being spoken to by a representative who cannot answer your questions and queries.

Your team should be a resource of all knowledge about the company, its competitors and the trends within the industry. If they’re unable to perform at the most basic level, the responsibility falls to you, as you’ve essentially failed your customers.

Invest in your team by dedicating training to them in a chosen area that they desire. Have they got a role that they would really like to take on? Or is there something they feel they would like to improve on?

Ask them first and treat your team like the gold dust that they are.

If you feel confident, rather than outsource work such as social media management or content creation, can you educate your own team to do this rather than an outside agency?

The costs of bespoke courses are considerably cheaper than the outsource cost, and you will empower your team to want to stay with the company as they will feel accepted and inspired to do well.

Create a Culture

Every job role has its benefits but you shouldn’t forget to create benefits for the team as a whole to encourage team work and a positive working environment. We all spend more time at work than we do at home, so it’s essential that your team are happy.

Create benefits that will make your team brag about it to their friends, whether it’s small perks like a chocolate egg at Easter or bigger benefits like days out paid for by the company.

Give them a reason to boast about the business and you’ll get a reputation as a great place to work.

Make Them Social

Get them involved in twitter and encourage them to share the fun and interact with customers in a purely professional manner.

Showcasing the environment and the activities that your business promotes will market your business as people friendly and open to communication.

Set some rules of course, as it can always go badly if the appropriate procedures aren’t put in place, but creating conversations and getting your team involved will make your company feel more like a community.

It will encourage your customers to interact socially and be more inclined to contact you should they have any future issues.

As documented in this report by Forbes, thought leadership methods such as these will take your marketing to new levels as your employees will feel that they’re the best at what they do and be confident enough to lead the way as the face in customer care.

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David Walker

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