5 Tips to Create Happier Workers on International Assignments

Cormac Reynolds

Cormac Reynolds

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Cormac Reynolds

Employees on the road, travelling from place to place, spending months at a time in once city before being shifted on to another, take the toll of a lot of different stresses.

Working all across the world for indefinite periods of time is a task suited to some, some for a while and some not at all. For employers this means that these employees need to be treated well and care needs to be taken of then to ensure they are motivated. So, here are some ways to do just that.

affCultural Help

Working away from home or abroad in a different nation can mean employees don’t always have complete awareness of the nation they’re working in. Helping employees fit in when working abroad for long periods of time but ensuring they understand the culture and also have basic language skills can help a lot. These skills help the individual feel more integrated in the society and also allow them to get more from their time there out of work. This in turn will improve morale.


Working away from home for an extended period of time can be quite tough in terms of where you live. Ensuring your employees are comfortable and have a home from home can be a far better prospect than them living in a hotel room. According to London serviced apartments provider PortlandBrown allowing your employee to set up a home away from home, something that helps them feel more comfortable and can make life a lot easier for them.


Other perks that can be of benefit to an individual who are representing your business abroad for a period of time is to provide certain perks such as gym membership, meal vouchers, days out to cultural sites and other perks. These help improve employee motivation and encourage them as they show you appreciate their wellbeing and also help benefit their wellbeing.


Depending on where you place your employees, having the ability to get around comfortably and without hassle can be a huge help. Whether they need a car from transport or not, having some form of transport for other activities can be a good way to help keep them motivated and also allow them to get out and about and see the new nation they reside in.

Contact with People There Before

If you tend to have employees that work in certain places on a regular basis then it’s often a good idea to let those who have worked there talk to greenhorns. This allows them to be filled in on different aspects of the job in accordance with experiences they had and can be a great help in allowing them to understand their new place of residence. Here are some good tips.

Keeping people working abroad for extended periods of time motivated and happy is part and parcel of life for any business that has internationally travelling employees. We hope you can take something from the aforementioned to improve your employee’s life and also your business.