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Executive Coaching is becoming more popular

Over the last couple of decades, Executive Coaching has become more and more popular and there are many very good reasons for that. Hiring an Executive Coach can have a profound impact on your ability to achieve results not only for yourself but for your organization. Having recently completed and achieved certification as an Executive Coach through Royal Roads University in British Columbia, Canada, I can attest to the power of being coached. What I have learned, and truly believe, is that the best coaches do not counsel, they do not advise and they do not mentor. What they do, is believe that their client is 100% capable of solving, growing, changing, or accomplishing anything they want. Then they work with their client to uncover their hidden potential and walk with them on the path forward.

How do they do this? First of all they listen – they really listen to what is going on with their clients. Then through an ability to challenge, probe and dig deeper, they work to understand the “why” behind the challenges of their clients. This part of coaching is extremely important. We all desperately need to be and want to be seen, heard and understood. Giving this gift to a client builds trust and confidence in the coach-client relationship. It is truly amazing how just talking out loud about a challenge can bring perspective.

Coaches challenge their clients to view their world from different perspectives through reframing, through best and worst case scenarios, and through various “what if” scenarios. It is very often through this process that there will be an “ah-ha” moment, a moment of enlightenment wherein the client will have a sudden realization of the true reason they are “stuck”, or a moment of clarity around a particular decision.

Finally, coaches hold their clients not only capable but accountable. Coaching is about moving forward, about taking steps toward achievement of something important to the client. A good coach knows that their client is capable of taking these steps but also will challenge them to actually take them and not let any excuses or fears stop them.

No matter what level you are in an organization, or where you are in life, there are going to be moments when you are in need of a coach. You might be having trouble making a decision, you might be looking for clarity or understanding of a situation, you might be looking for someone to challenge your ideas or help you with building or growing your business. Why struggle on your own when sometimes, all it takes is a conversation? Take the step. Hire an executive coach today.

Cindy Benning

Cindy Benning

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Cindy Benning


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