Team Dynamics and Maintaining Inner Humanity

Team Dynamics and Maintaining Inner Humanity - People Development Network

It’s easy to forget our inner humanity

As a coach, do you feel the need to be perfect for your clients or co-workers? As leaders in a community and mentors to others, it is easy to pretend we have it all together when we are experiencing many similar challenges to those around us.

So often, there is a temptation to make ourselves into something other than who we truly are. We want to fit in, and in doing so, it becomes easy to forget pieces of ourselves, and our humanity and leave them on the doorstep at our job, in certain communities, or during certain activities.

Yet, in setting aside pieces of ourselves, we abdicate important resources, aspects of our humanity that make us unique, and provides unique benefits to our clients.

These same pieces that we try to leave behind enable us to approach challenges and opportunities in a way that maximizes our potential, which gives our clients inspiration to keep going and a sense that they are not alone.

So how, then, do we learn to abide more fully in our humanity, such that we bring the fullness of who we are to each situation and harness the actions that best fit not only our personal work style, but enhance the team dynamic as well?

Discovering Team Trust

At the core, abiding in our authentic humanity is about trust. Trusting ourselves as individuals and trusting our capacities to meet each situation with the totality of our resources. Yet, how do we build this trust to show ourselves in a community?

Building trust to show different aspects of yourself can take time. Start by bringing in small pieces that you wouldn’t normally show and become aware of the impact they have on others. As you share more vulnerable pieces of yourself, look at the benefits of what it brings to the client or the team as a whole.

Over the years of coaching, I have come to see that the foundation of our ability to trust ourselves comes through the building of three key muscles: awareness, compassion, and action.

Cultivating Awareness and Compassion

Indeed, it is through cultivation of awareness both of ourselves and of those around us that we come to find clarity in vision and direction. It is also the principle root of cultivating compassion. Once awareness is firmly established, we find that compassion and understanding of ourselves and those with whom we are in relationship with naturally arises. This allows us to take care of these relationships in a positive and nurturing manner.

As an aside, it is also this element of compassion that maximizes inspiration when it is felt by others. Finally, our ability to move forward in action emerges from the clear sense of direction brought by awareness combined with the temperament of what in any given relationship solves through compassion.

Moving Forward in Action

By the same token, we find that the steps that we take are not only beneficial for those with whom we are in relationship, we discover our actions are vibrant and full of life emerging more naturally from the awareness of who we are or what our abilities is what is needed and a curiosity around the other potential or any other strengths we may find within ourselves.

It is the compassion that allows this to flow freely and naturally without the restrictions and self-judgment. Action becomes more aligned with ones values, and creates momentum into a thriving environment.

Indeed, when each member of a team collectively orients from their inner humanity, there is a lightness, a buoyancy of collaboration that emerges as each person steps into his or her resourcefulness.

The result of which is that in the inter-play between awareness, compassion and action, the work itself becomes an expression of ones true humanity.

Barton and Megan Cutter
Barton and Megan Cutter are leadership coaches, disability inclusion experts, and national speakers. They combine their experience of living with a disability, uncompromising wit, and professional background in leadership development to support corporations and businesses. Owners of Cutter's Edge Consulting, they work with human resources, hiring managers, and leadership teams to leverage the talent of all abilities within their organizations through inclusive program design and coaching. Authors of Ink in the Wheels: Stories to Make Love Roll in 2012, they inspire transformation. Their blog, resources, and inspiration can be found at and discover daily inspiration on Twitter at @inkinthewheels.

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