Food for Thought on Job Satisfaction

Food for Thought on Job Satisfaction - People Development Magazine

Are you experiencing #job satisfaction?

“Hang in there, just hang in there…”

How many of us have heard this cliché from our colleagues, family or friends when we have felt stuck in a job or career which does just not seem to be working out and we do not find fulfilling?

I have heard it countless times and while the advice is well-intentioned, there are days when it is just not enough for me and I have felt as though I am hanging by a thread, ready to fall into a bottomless pit.

Honestly, all of us come across slumps either in our current job or overall careers. But the question is: how do we maintain our composure, professionalism and dignity and yet get through each day until we come to the best conclusion and solution for ourselves?

Over the course of my career, here are some considerations which I have found to be most helpful:

  • The Organization
    • Do I believe that the organization where I am working is the right fit for me, culture, career path, benefits, etc.?
    • Are there ample opportunities for growth?
    • Do different departments/staff work collaboratively or in silos?
    • Does the organization have a strong team? Does the leadership team have satisfactory soft skills? How well does the leadership team or managers handle conflict?
    • Do I feel passionately about the organization’s mission/line of business?
  • Career Goals
    • How long have I worked in my current job/career?
    • Where do I see myself in the next 3-5 years?
    • How can I achieve my career goals? Should I consider going back to school to earn a degree or a certification?
    • Is my manager able to steer me in the right direction to achieve my career goals? Does my manager show interest in championing my aspirations, both immediate and future?
    • If I have been in a job/career for a long period of time, do I feel that it is still the right line of work for me or is it perhaps time to move on?
    • What do I like the most about my job/career? What do I dislike the most? If the dislikes outweigh the likes, then it could be time for a change, whether it is one in organization or a different line of work altogether.
  • Passion
    • What is my passion? While you may like your job, it may not necessarily be your passion. Passion, in the professional sense, is something which I find fulfilling and something which makes me feel awesome about myself and the outcome(s) at the end of the day. Passion for your work is not just a job. It is work that you put your heart and soul into and the feeling of satisfaction no one can take away, regardless of whether you have a good or bad day.
  • Pain Points
    • What are the pain points with your current job/career?
    • Do you feel as though the pain points can be resolved?
    • Have you given careful thought as to how to reconcile your pain points?
  • De-Stressing
    • When you have those incredibly hectic and stressful days, how do you decompress?
    • Do you prefer the quiet of yoga/meditation?
    • Do you enjoy reading after a long, trying day?
    • Would you rather de- at the gym, perhaps take a kick- boxing or spin class?
    • Or does plain conversation and venting with a friend or family member over dinner work for you?
    • Does it help to step away from your desk and take a walk along with a few deep breaths?
    • If you are due for some time away from the office, where is your happy place?

Always know what works the best for you and your lifestyle and when you encounter a lack of job satisfaction and those moments of stress and unhappiness, indulge in what works best for you.

“You never achieve success unless you like what you are doing”. –Dale Carnegie

  • What has been the most unsatisfying professional experience you have encountered? How did you resolve your situation? What did you learn about yourself in the process?
Marie (Maher) Maranki

Marie (Maher) Maranki

Marie has worked in the education management industry for 20+ years. She has extensive experience in operations, end to end program management, vendor management and project management of new initiatives. Marie also has product promotion and educational outreach experience. She practices meditation, is a firm believer in lifelong learning and is an avid reader.
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