Q & A With S Chris Edmonds

Q & A With S Chris Edmonds - People Development Network
Q & A With S Chris Edmonds - People Development Network
Christina Lattimer
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Christina Lattimer


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Christina Lattimer
Christina Lattimer

Today I’m delighted to feature our Q & A with S Chris Edmonds!

Q & A With S Chris Edmonds - People Development Network

S. Chris Edmonds is a speaker, author, and executive consultant. He’s a thought leader in organizational culture, servant leadership, employee engagement, and workplace inspiration. He writes books and articles and records podcasts. In his free time, he’s a working musician with the Jones & Raine band in Denver, CO.

Q.   What Do You Do?

I’m a speaker, author, and executive consultant that helps leaders craft a high performance, values-aligned work culture with an organizational constitution.

Q.   Who can most benefit from the work you do?

Leaders of teams, departments, small businesses, business units, or companies spend most of their time managing results and very little time managing their desired culture. Yet culture drives everything that happens in organizations, good or bad.  I coach leaders to use a proven framework that boosts engagement, service, and results by 30-40 percent in 18 months.

Q.   What excites you about what you do?

I help leaders create workplace inspiration along with top performance. That’s immensely gratifying!

I’ve been a corporate trainer and facilitator for 30 years. Training alone doesn’t make people – leaders or team members – behave differently. Training can boost awareness but if the organization’s culture doesn’t support and encourage the new behaviors, the training goes to waste.

My job is to help leaders understand that their primary responsibility is to create a safe, inspiring work environment where people thrive, every day. That takes intention and attention to build it and to maintain it.

Q.   What are you most proud of achieving?

I’m proud to be a leading voice in the business world on the importance of values-aligned cultures.

I’m proud to be the author of an Amazon best-selling book on the subject (http://drtc.me/tcea).

I’m proud to support my vision, my family, and my dreams by helping organizations be productive, inspiring places for people to hang out in.

Q.    Who is the biggest inspiration in your life and why?

My best boss, Jerry Nutter, made a tremendous impact on me.   My worst bosses did, too – only their impact was deeply negative.     In my formative years as a leader, I had a number of bosses – a few really good, a bunch OK, some really lousy, and Jerry.  One lousy boss was the king of unkept promises and commitments.   Another lousy boss was quick to point out my mistakes and misses – but never provided any praise or encouragement.  My worst boss asked me to lie.

Jerry Nutter held us to high standards of values and results. He coached us when needed to build new skills. He delegated tasks when we had the talent & the commitment. He celebrated progress, not just accomplishment. He called us on our crap. He gave us credit.  He believed in us. He held us accountable and we loved him for it.

I believe every leader can do what Jerry did. It’s not complicated. It requires a servant heart and a desire to enable others to succeed.  That’s my job – to help leaders be great.

Q.    What is your favourite leadership or people development book and why?

I have two.  The first is Built to Last by Jerry Porras and Jim Collins. Their ground-breaking research proved that values alignment boosts performance – and has for decades, in every industry. Jerry and Jim’s book proved that values matter.

The second is The Integrity Dividend by Tony Simons. His studies on behavioral integrity – leaders doing what they say they will do and modeling their organization’s values – boosts employees’ discretionary energy, which boosts customer service and profits.  Tony’s book proved that behaviors matter.

Their work paved the way for my book, The Culture Engine, which helps leaders create engagement, service, and results through an organizational constitution – specifically through values and valued behaviors.

Q.   What is the most important piece of business advice you can give our readers?

Don’t leave your team or department or company culture to chance.  Focus as much on citizenship – values alignment – as you do on results.

Create clear standards for performance and clear standards for values – and hold everyone accountable for BOTH, every interaction, every day.

Specify these standards in your organizational constitution, then ensure everyone aligns to these standards in every interaction.

It’ll take time, focus, constant discussion, ongoing modeling, intentional coaching, and more – and be well worth it.every interaction.

Thank You, Chris

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