Disrupting Mums Word on Family Friendly Policies

Disrupting Mums Word on Family Friendly Policies - People Development Network
Disrupting Mums Word on Family Friendly Policies - People Development Network
David Walker

David Walker

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David Walker

Family friendly policies

With the recent revelation that 61% of millennial mums are in the work force, embracing family friendly policies is now seen as good business sense, and not just another piece of legislation that a company has to follow.

As many big brands such as Lloyds Bank, Netflix and Google have made claims about their incredible culture for the working parent, going the extra mile has never been so pivotal in ensuring staff are motivated and productive.

Over the past two years the laws surrounding family policies have dramatically changed, and this has lead to many businesses wanting to bridge the gap between work and life.

It’s well documented that as a workforce millennial’s are notoriously conscious about work life balance, and companies who cannot offer this cultured approach are missing out on a pool of talent due to their slow adaptation.

What you should be learning from these big brands is that parenting can co-exist alongside work without unnecessary disruption to the business or family life.

Rather than avoid hiring parents you should embrace these talented individuals who are passionate about work, and shout about your family friendly work ethic.

Attract Talent

Unlike any generation before them millennial’s are driven to achieve, with an incredible 60% believing that their current position is a mere stepping stone to being promoted, it would be ignorant to not consider such an ambitious group who can help you create a successful company.

As these individuals now make up 20% of the adult population in the UK you would be hard struck if you were to loose a team member and want to replace them without the ties of family life.

However, by embracing family friendly policies in all it’s forms and promoting this, you will not only retain your current talent but you will attract new talent desperate to work for a company who can offer them the balance they desire.

Encourage Diversity

When the shared parental leave legislation was brought into place it completely modernised an outdated infrastructure that only sought to provide benefits for expectant mothers.

But by implementing new laws that made it possible for this leave to be shared by parents, the workplace is encouraged to be more diverse as it supports both sexes.

Diversity has always been an ongoing issue in the current workforce, but if you make it known to expectant parents that the policy is available you can support them on their journey and create an open dialogue about the opportunities they have available.

By encouraging a diverse workforce, you have the ability to gain more rounded opinions regarding the way in which the company works.

Employee Benefits

Benefits are no longer about how much money you can offer in a bonus pay packet, the true benefits that millennials are now seeking are those that can offer real value to their lives.

60% of millennials would rather spend money on experiences than material things.

So instead of offering a financial boost many employers are looking at investing that money in other ways to make the work culture more of a lifestyle fit.

Days out with family members on behalf of the company, childcare vouchers, and even making the office environment more family friendly is all adding up to create a lifestyle that doesn’t make work that ‘thing’ you have to do.

Motivating your team with more meaningful decisions can improve their overall life, and will essentially help you to deliver better employee care.

Support = Loyalty

When you get down to the core of family friendly policies the support is the driving force of your employee’s loyalty.

If you can implement a culture that encourages a family life and supports their lifestyle decisions, you will breed loyalty and avert the risk of your talented team being poached from beneath your nose.

It may take time and careful consideration as to the elements that you improve upon, but ask your employee’s what it is they need to feel happy in the workplace and you will open up an honest narrative that you can work from.

Once you embrace the laws that have been designed to develop the modern workforce, you will be equipped to build a loyal, motivated team that are dedicated to to your business.