Leadership Motivation and Inspiration for Business Owners

Leadership Motivation and Inspiration for Business Owners - People Development Network
Leadership Motivation and Inspiration for Business Owners - People Development Network

Does your business have leadership motivation and inspiration?

Way back when you started your business it was new, fresh, and exciting. Somehow you have continued to thrive despite some roadblocks and failures. But at some point you might feel the unpleasant tug of ennui bringing you to a place of pure complacency.

The question is will you allow yourself to fall deeper into the depths, to the depths of a career and business crisis, or will you read this article and learn about leadership motivation and inspiration?

Even the biggest names in business have to work at staying motivated. There is no one to tell Richard Branson to show up every day to work whether he founded Virgin Group or not. He faced huge obstacles and even saboteurs from the other big airlines in the business back when he first started. He had huge challenges to face that are probably nothing like the ones smaller entrepreneurs tackle daily.

Challenging Yourself

The way he continues to motivate himself even when no one is threatening his very business’ existence is simply to “keep challenging myself”.

You are not alone then if you have ever lost the motivation to keep on moving forward. Sure, it is great not having to work for anyone else, but it is definitely tough to work 7 days per week, even admittedly on holidays. After setting up a limited company of your own you may find that sometimes you make less than you ever saw as an employee, and other years money seems to drop endlessly in your lap.

The best way to keep motivated and inspired is to remind yourself of your desires; that is, of what you intend to achieve. Remember that old saying that a successfully implemented idea is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration. That means that the eternally successful entrepreneur needs to have plenty of perseverance, because you know failure happens at regular clips. Sometimes it is just a mis-step that teaches you the key to a huge breakthrough.

Most entrepreneurs continue to light the eternally optimistic lamps of ambition and perseverance. It is these two ingredients that prevent them from giving up after every mis-step, failure, and disappointment. From there, they are actually fueled to strive to success eve more.

Everyone hits snags, but it is a key factor that keeping your morale up in the process is imperative. Find a business mentor, follow inspiring people like Richard Branson on Twitter. They will work closely with you to help you meet your goals.

Always Be Realistic

When making goals, make sure that they are indeed realistic. In the first five years of business when 15% of your sales goes back into advertising the business is not the time to declare that you will make 1 million dollars. Here are some tips to stay realistic.

Instead, celebrate the fact that you are making sales and that you are able to advertise. Make it a longer term goal and you will be happily surprised and satisfied when it comes to pass within 5 years.

Make a long-term strategy for the business. Make strategies to meet those goals. Prioritize them and attempt to anticipate the consequence of reaching goals so that you choose what to strive for first, second, or third.

It is easy to forget the important role of other people in your business workings. Though, they need to include beneficial and optimistic partnerships, marketing, and solid networking and social media efforts. What this means is that not everyone needs your card. In fact, some people will not use it, will waste your time, and just be drains if you let them.

Instead, have your goals available, look at the individual’s track record in whatever field they are in, and evaluate whether they would be helpful to know or not.

While you are busily working away every day and every hour, you need to remember your best resource — you! That means you need to stop and take care of yourself. Eat well, exercise, and take some much-needed breaks to break up the monotony of running a business.

Take time out for yourself and your family regularly. Your family and your body will be grateful that you did. Always celebrate your small successes as well as your big breakthroughs. In addition, stay motivated and inspired.

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