Story of Mohan – From office boy to Backend Operations Executive

Ashu Bajaj
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Ashu Bajaj
Ashu Bajaj

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Part of our Goodwill Series

Not always one needs to read the life journey of celebrities for inspiration. Sometimes, we just need to look around. At we found that inspiration in form of Mohan. Mohan joined as an office boy but he now is a part of backend operations team at He, who never operated computer ever before, is now proficient in MS Office. He can also use the CRM software effectively.

Mohan is from a small village in Uttarakhand, arrived in Delhi 8 years ago with his family. He has two children and he is making sure they are getting good education because he has no doubt that this is the best investment he is making for his children’s future. When asked how he feels about the career progress, he replied, it’s not just a career progress but a life progress. He is filled with gratitude towards team at who helped him acquire the skills. He further says, he was just curious to learn, but people who taught him the skills are his real heroes. Mohan adds, English Language was a hindrance initially and is still a bit of challenge as he is just 10th pass from a vernacular school and was introduced to alphabets post 6th grade. Mohan is determined to excel in his work and make a difference. We can vouch for sure, he does.

He has a message for everyone : “ Mehnat se kabhi nahi bhaagna chaiyye, aur koi kaam mushkil nahi hota. Mehnat aur accha behaviour aapko bahaot kaamyabi de sakta hai”. (One should never shy away from hard work. Perseverance and good conduct is bound to take you places)

We at totally agree with what Mohan has to say and we wish Mohan a continued success.