The Greatest Gift I Have Ever Received

The Greatest Gift I Ever Received - People Development Network
The Greatest Gift I Ever Received - People Development Network

Part of our goodwill series

When I heard about the month of Goodwill stories the one that came straight to mind is the greatest gift I received nearly 15 years ago.

I had moved down to the south of Spain on a shoestring and had decided that I wanted to become a coach. I had no money, not even enough to fly back to the UK let alone pay for a course. But I knew in my heart of hearts that this is what I wanted to do with my life – it was literally my calling.

I started telling everyone who would listen about my dream and one day I was bending the ear of a man I had only just met. He nodded and listened and told me to go for it.

The next day he called me. He said, “you don’t know this but I am a trainer and I am a coach and I don’t think you should wait until you have the money to do the training. It is obviously the right thing for you and so I have made a decision. I am going to train you myself – for free.”

If I had been sitting on a chair I would have fallen off it! And true to his word for the next 9 months we had a weekly training on the beach! Not only that but he handed over years worth of papers, exercises, handouts that he was happy for me to use in my new coaching business. He then went on to mentor me for another year.  He literally gave me my future.

What an incredible gift. Not only did he teach me the coaching basics that I needed to get going but he developed my skills and gave me the confidence to go out and do what I love.

I am a great believer that at times angels in disguise drop into our lives and help us go in the right direction. They come in all shapes and sizes but they can be recognised by the selfless actions they offer.  They often bring our greatest gifts.  He was definitely an angel in my life. Had he not given so generously I would probably have eventually managed to get trained and start my work but it would definitely have been delayed by a few years.

All he asked is that I paid it forward. I love this concept of paying it forward and I now work pro bono with people I feel moved to offer it to. Many, like me, have no means of getting the support they need at crucial times in their lives and each time I come across someone and am moved to work with them I feel that greatest gift I was given all those years ago still working it’s magic through the years.

Someone I paid it forward to this year said to me recently, when I pointed out that it was she who had done the work to create the success she was now experiencing, that it was my belief in her that had given her the confidence and belief in herself. It reminded me of how I felt when my angel believed in me. These gifts that drop into our lives are so precious and I sometimes think we have no idea how far reaching they can be.

I am just so grateful for the angels in our midst.

Jessica McGregor Johnson
I offer Life Guidance and Coaching and work internationally from my base in Spain. I have a coaching p[hone/skype programme as well as offering individual retreats in Spain. I am the author of The Right T-Shirt, Write Your Own Rules and Live the Life You Want and Remembering Perfection – Everyday Inspiration for Living Your Spiritually. I help people who are at a crossroads in their life who know that there must be more meaning in life than they currently feel. Working with me they discover themselves anew, identify their true passions, and how live them, whether it be in their work or personal life. I have a variety of programs and work with people on the phone anywhere in the world as well as offering her individual “Get Unstuck in Two Days” retreats in Southern Spain. I also offer self-development training's and workshops. I am known for my accessible wisdom and insight and leave my clients feeling nurtured and excited about the new future they are stepping into. For more information please visit
Jessica McGregor Johnson
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