I Failed – This is Why I Will Succeed

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I am an enthusiast of the communication.  My dream always was to be at the head of my own company, handling millions.  I very early worked so that it arrives by creating my first company (on paper) in 23.

In Africa it is adventurous to dash at this age.  I wanted to organize a fair on the entrepreneurship to help young project leaders as me to find of financing.  I failed.  I was launched well, I invested some savings, and after some letters of refusal of sponsoring  I understood that my advertising agency will not be born anytime soon.  I looked for the work, and was back to normal again of my life.  Two years later, I have officially to create my company (a consulting firm), and undertaken to publish a magazine on the marketing. I have still failed.  But I had progressed. Yes I had really progressed when I see the ground covered and the obtained profits. I made some money. It was fantastic. I wasn’t able to edit my magazine, but I published advertising for an international bank. I was proud. But I failed. The biggest

The biggest brake in any success is the fear. A fear which makes you postpone what you have to do until tomorrow, next week, and next year. A fear which takes hostage you and demonstrates you in a scientific way that you cannot make a success, it’s better not to begin. I knew this sneaky fear.

I knew this sneaky fear. And I know that many one greeted and even kissed. We often live by tracking us on the models of our environment, the mentality of our parents, and the pressure of our friends. All that one we request it’s a job, a salary, national insurance contributions, and participation in Christmas and New Year holidays in family. And this plan participates in our failures. I discovered, like so many others, the personal growth. And I understood a thing which gives me smile all the time. A simple question which cancels my doubts, my questions, and my fear: Did you dare?

I moved finally this year. I desired since the last year to come to settle down in Congo for my business. I so much postponed the term. My business in Benin went in slow motion and I had to find new projects. This moving appeared as a beautiful opportunity but I didn’t make the decision to start over again. The change frightened me. But after an “interview” with myself, after my famous question “did you dare?” I took my flight. 8 months ago now, and I am happy. Two new launched projects, and hired as a consultant. What’s interesting in the situation it’s that having succeeded, you laugh at one, at this fear which you had, and of the boldness that you had. After every step reached, you look at your dashboard and you smile. It’s a wonderful sensation. I am now ready. Ready to forge ahead more than ever. Ready to manage my new company of success, because I learnt to fail. I learnt to step back, to analyze the options, to follow my instinct, to overcome my fear of the failure. Yes I failed especially because I was afraid of failing. Now I dare. Even this publication is boldness because I am French-speaking and I always planned to publish in English. Dare, always dare to make it. The big challenge is to learn, fail or succeed are just furthermore.