Increase Your Productivity by Releasing Judgment

Increase Your Productivity by Releasing Judgment - People Development Network
Increase Your Productivity by Releasing Judgment - People Development Network

You can increase your productivity by releasing judgment

As a business leader, you need to be able to make decisions – fast.

You need to be able to take in new information and make sense of it.

As Richard Branson has stated in a Concilio Solutions press release, “One of the most important skills any leader can learn is when to be decisive, and when to take a step back and look at the wider picture before making the big calls.”

While we need to be able to judge in order to make sense of the facts, we do not need to be judgmental. At what point does judging – making sense of new information, get replaced with judgment – attaching moral views to the information?

Here is an example to show you the difference.

Sally is frequently late to work.

Sally is a loser because she is frequently late to work.

Do you see the difference? Pretty blatant right?

However, our minds aren’t always so blatant.

The signs aren’t always so clear when we are making a judgment.

Here is an example of a recent situation for me.

I attended a funeral visitation for my great aunt last weekend. The behavior of my distant relatives seemed very bizarre to me. When I walked in, none of the family greeted me. It was up to me to walk around and talk to all members of the family because they all stayed seated, on sofas surrounding the perimeter of the room, looking down at their phones, or talking quietly to the person beside them. Never mind the fact that I had just driven 8 hours to get there. Never mind that I hadn’t seen some of them for years. How dare they be so inconsiderate! Were they born in a barn???

Hold up – breathe – take a moment to step out of the situation. To take a look at the wider picture.

The judging factors of the visitation were that all of the relatives from that family were extremely quiet. They did not stand to greet the visitors. However, does that mean it was bizarre behavior? And even if it is considered bizarre, does it mean it was meant to hurt me? Could it be that they just felt bereft, unsure of what to do and how to act?

By attaching my emotions, values, feelings to the way they were acting is how I became judgmental. The problem with being judgmental is that we get caught up in being right. Our way is right and whoever is different than us is wrong. It creates division. Sometimes, before we know it, the division grows, fueled by negativity which can become downright mean and toxic. It can consume us.

When it consumes us, we become very reactive, sapping our productivity.

In leadership, there is much more power in being proactive than reactive.

So how do we stay in a state of being proactive? It is pretty easy to stay neutral about another’s actions when we are not invested in the circumstances. However, when we are in the midst of it, it can be hard to see that we are not being neutral, accepting, non-judgmental.

Next time you start to feel wronged by someone when you start to wonder

“What the heck were they thinking?”

take a moment to try to step outside of the situation. Ask yourself, “Could it be that they are doing the best that they can with the tools that they have?”

We all have different tools in our arsenal for dealing with situations.

It is very possible that they are dealing with the circumstances in the only way that they know how. When we see that others are truly doing their best, the division lessens, we start to become one.

On a very personal level, it feels better to believe that others are doing their best. It feels better to believe that their actions were not meant to hurt us. We don’t become consumed by pain, hurt, anger…instead we stay in a neutral, almost loving state – a state of creativity. Productivity.

Therefore, to be more productive every day, be aware of when you are judging and when you are judgmental. Try to let go of the judgmental ideas that no longer serve you and see how your creativity will start to soar.

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Kathy Bourque
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