Is it Possible to Become Fearless?

Is it Possible To Become Fearless - People Development Network
Is it Possible To Become Fearless - People Development Network
Joshua Evans

Joshua Evans

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Joshua Evans
Joshua Evans
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How can I be fearless?

Well, you can’t. In fact, it is impossible for you to have absolutely no fear. Everyone has fears and anxieties. It is how an individual deals with their fears that sets them apart.

Fear has the ability to immobilize even the most confident person. This anxiety can spread doubt and worry into all our actions.

Fear can dampen our excitement, diminish our spirit, and turn us into an unrecognizable person.

The key is not to try and be fearless. We need to work to OVERCOME our fears. Though there are dozens of fear defeating techniques, your goals need to out-weigh the anxiety you have.

Whether its a fear of public speaking, performance reviews, or asking that special someone out on a date, you need to realize that the end result is worth your effort to overcome your fear.

Once an individual decides that the end goal is more important than their fear, they have taken a huge step towards self-confidence. We have to remember that fear lives within ourselves. 94% of everything we fear will never come to fruition. It is all in our heads and when this realization happens, it makes dealing with that fear much easier.

Here’s an exercise in overcoming fear: First, ask yourself, what’s the worst possible outcome of this situation? Then ask yourself,  can I handle it? More often than not, you can not only handle any bad outcomes, you will be stronger for having to deal with them. And the great thing to realize is that you most likely will never have to deal with it! Once you overcome your fear and move forward you’ll realize that that fear was probably unrealistic. Following through in the face of fear can be quite a lot easier with this sense of perspective. Think optimistically about the outcome and positive things usually happen.

Don’t buy into  the negativity that swims around inside your mind. Be optimistic, be positive, and be awesome!

Never lose your enthusiasm!

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