Q & A With Todd Dewett

Dr Todd Dewett - People Development Network
Dr Todd Dewett - People Development Network
Christina Lattimer
I help leaders develop self- mastery, helping them to become confident in their own inner guidance. I collaborate with leadership experts, managers and HR professionals to help them get their own message and unique services and products to a wide audience.
Christina Lattimer


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Christina Lattimer
Christina Lattimer

I’m really delighted to be able to share my Q & A with Todd Dewett

Dr. Dewett is a two-time WORLDWIDE BEST SELLING AUTHOR at Lynda.com / LinkedIn, a TEDx speaker, and an Inc. Top 100 leadership speaker.  His latest book is Show Your Ink: Stories about Leadership and Life.  He is a former award-winning professor whose clients include: ExxonMobil, Ernst & Young, GE Aviation, Booz Allen Hamilton, State Farm, JM Smucker, Medtronic, TGI Fridays, Standard Register, NCR, Emerson, RustOleum, and many more.  His unique perspective on life has resulted in quotes in the New York Times, TIME, BusinessWeek, Forbes, US News & World Report, Fast Company, CNN, Investors Business Daily, and hundreds of other outlets. After beginning his career with Andersen Consulting and Ernst & Young, he has since spoken to and advised hundreds of thousands of professionals around the world.

I address leadership skills and lessons useful to the entire administrative spectrum, from the front line to the C-suite.

Helping people think, learn, and grow.  Helping push a person to engage real behavioral change is truly amazing.

Three things.  1)  helping Paxon and Parker become hard working responsible kids, 2) creating a sustainable career as a professional speaker and writer, 3) achieving the status of global #1 best-selling author through Lynda.com/LinkedIn on two occasions.

My father.  He’s gone now, but he was the inspiration for my career path.  He showed me that true transformation is possible in life.  He was once a dedicated alcoholic, but after hitting rock bottom he found sobriety and remained sober for the rest of his life.  The person who emerged was kind, funny, and bright at levels that were very surprising.  His example taught me that real change is possible.

Heart of Change by Kotter.  It’s a favorite because it is simple, short, but powerful in its use of stories.  It’s a great book that makes aspects of managing change very accessible.

Realize how little you know.  Success in life, in the business domain or otherwise, is not about being “smart.”  It’s about learning.  Once you recognize how little you really know, seeking to continuously learn because a new habit that eventually leads to success.
Thank you so much Todd!
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