Let your team create impact

As someone in a position of leadership, you need to influence others. Whether you are the head of a family, the manager of a team, or an entrepreneur with only 1 employee, you need to guide the ship in a direction that serves your purpose while taking care of you and your team. You want to be able to do this in the most effective manner possible, and create impact. 

You need influence.

Every person has influence if they communicate with others.

Think about it. You want your parents to retire, your kids to cooperate, your spouse to go on vacation: you need influence. Lucky for you, You HAVE influence.

Another bonus is:


Change of Mind > Speed of Light + Speed of Sound

(I learned that from a great speaker, The Reverend Jeff Carr who presented at a housing conference I attended).

He is right. Think of a time when you have changed your mind, just like the snap of your fingers.

People can change their minds quickly when they want to. The magic is getting them to want to.  When it comes to influence in a team, a lot depends on the person doing the influencing.

So what makes some people more influential than others?

Trust is a key component. People want to trust that you have their best interests at heart. My husband gets so frustrated with me because he will tell me something and I won’t believe him. But if one of my sisters tells me the exact same thing, it is the word of the gospel. Why? Because I trust that my sisters have my best interests at heart. Too many times my husband has exaggerated the truth to get me to see things his way. This is not influence, this is coercion.

So if you want to build trust with your team, ask them to participate in the decision.

I was listening to the Coaching for Leaders podcast this week and Dave was interviewing David Marquet, author of Turn the Ship Around.  

His answer to solving problems is to ask the other person what their solution is. By doing this, you get engagement and ownership from your team. The bonus is that it may be something you would never have thought of. We all have our blinders, our perceptions, our views on how we see the world. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a team around you who helps you brainstorm the answer instead of having to come up with it all on your own?

Leadership can be a lonely place, but only because we make it that way.

So next time you have a problem, ask for help, ask for feedback, ask for solutions. Or better yet, ask for 20. That will get you thinking way outside the box.

I once had a great leader who would start the conversation like this:

“Here is what I think and why I think it, but I may not be aware of everything and if you have a good reason, I am sure I can be influenced.”

That’s the other thing about influence.

Make sure you have a good “why”.

Effective leadership is not about making speeches or being liked; leadership is defined by results, not attributes. – Peter Drucker

As leaders, we need to see results. We need to create impact.

To get these results we need to paint a powerful picture – a clear vision as to where we are going so that our team can see it too. We need to be able to tell them why it is important and we need their engagement to get it done. By truly listening and implementing their ideas from time to time (ie. letting them drive), we will all start to experience greater impact.

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