Q&A with Dov Baron

Q & A with Dov Baron - People Development Network
Q & A with Dov Baron - People Development Network

I’m delighted to share our great new Q&A with Dov Baron

Dov Baron specializes in developing Next-Gen family members into becoming the highly effective leaders they want and need to be.

Dov says “The transition of wealth, power and leadership is at best a tenuous undertaking that can lift up and evolve the legacy of an organization or within a generation tear apart what may have taken generations to build. The question on both sides is often focused around being ‘ready’/prepared. But what does it really mean to be ready/prepared?  We can give the next generation the best academic preparation, we can even be certain that we have groomed them for their role as the leader. However, where most ultra high net worth succession plans fail is not in the quantitative, but rather in areas of leadership and more specifically the human capital side of leadership”.

Family businesses looking to create a successful transition to Next-Gen Leadership.

I love assisting both sides of the equation. It’s very exciting to see a Next-gen leader fully step into and own their place at the helm of the organization, knowing that they are truly ready at a level beyond the academic or quantitative.
It’s exciting to have my senior leaders feel confident to let go with both grace and certainty that the Next-Gen will grow the legacy.

  • Coming back from the depths of what was a personal hell (as a result of being physically smashed to pieces after a mountain climbing fall).
    Growing into an even more connected, purpose-driven leader in service of other leaders.

  • I have many: My original inspiration to become a speaker was Dr Martin Luther King Jr. When I was ten years old when I saw my mother crying because he had been assassinated. It struck me that one person could have a powerful impact on people across an ocean, people that the speaker may never even meet. My wife of almost twenty years is also my inspiration. She has the heart of a lion and a depth of kindness I aspire to reach. I am deeply inspired by my clients and students who take what they have learned and walk it into their lives and their leadership to change the face of their industries.

  • For me, Leadership Development and People Development go hand in hand. For that reason, the second book I choose will likely not be on most leadership lists.  The books I love develop both the leader and the person: “Built to Last” Jim Collins because he quantitatively laid out why being Purpose Driven Trump Profit Driven every single time. “The Prophet” Kahlil Gibran, because I have found it to contain everything I need to be a better human being.

  • No one does it alone, get a team you trust, a team that will tell you the truth even when you don’t want to hear it. Furthermore, get a mentor who can guide you in becoming the leader you dream of being. Someone who can show you where your present leadership liabilities are, and how to overcome them so as to step into your true greatness.

Thank you Dov Baron!

You can find out more about Dov here.

Christina Lattimer
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Christina Lattimer
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Christina Lattimer
Christina Lattimer