Q&A With Shawn Murphy of Switch and Shift

Q&A with Shawn Murphy - People Development Magazine

A long time fan of the brilliant Swift and Shift expertise,  I’m delighted to share our latest  Q&A with Shawn Murphy!

Shawn Murphy is a CEO, speaker, writer, advisor/consultant, and teacher.  His focus is helping leaders build positive, optimistic work environments. The goal with this focus is to help leaders build mutually beneficial outcomes for the organization and its people. At Switch and Shift Shawn and others help organizations transition to human-centered practices and business models.

We help IT departments become build engaging, positive, optimistic work environments. We also work health care professionals, government, and leaders build highly effective teams and organizations.

Watching people experience the positive transition to optimistic environments. Seeing leaders embrace social practices that make them more effective.

I published my first book, The Optimistic Workplace, in October 2015. I’m proud of the success of Switch+Shift.

My dad is my biggest inspiration. He is a Vietnam vet who was exposed to agent orange. As a result,  he’s suffered from various cancers and side effects from the chemo and surgeries. Despite his chronic pain and discomforts and disabilities, he maintains a positive outlook on his life. He demonstrates to me that we choose how we respond to life’s setbacks.

I’m a big fan of Gary Hamel’s Future of Management. Hamel paints a compelling picture of why management needs to change.

It’s up to you to make the workplace positive, energizing, optimistic. If you want to improve your own work experience and those whom you lead, act now. You don’t need permission to make work a positive part of your people’s lives.
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