An Aligned Culture Creates Amazing Memories

An Aligned Culture Creates Amazing Memories
An Aligned Culture Creates Amazing Memories

Does your workplace create amazing memories with an aligned culture?

What is your dream vacation? Is it traveling to the other side of the world to explore places you’ve only read about? Is it hitting up a big city with all its vibrant energy? Or perhaps lounging on the balcony of your stateroom on a cruise.
My “vacation” frame of mind stems from the season of my career where I was a non-profit executive. For 15 years, I took kids to the residence and travel camps, using school buses, vans, and a LONG time ago, even cattle trucks!  We enjoyed some of the most beautiful places in the country–pristine beaches, national parks, woodlands, and plains, which made it even more special because some of these kids had never been away from their home city.

Many of these teens had never worked with others, so we created teams to set up camp, cook, serve and clean up, making teens serve one another. We were developing character while learning about our nation. It was gratifying to work and for all involved a fabulous vacation.

So, I thought I knew a lot about creating inspiring experiences, but nothing prepared me for our family vacation in 1980 at the Lost Valley Ranch in Deckers, Colorado.

My dad called my brother and me to propose a family reunion at this dude ranch. Colleagues of Dad’s had raved about it, so he wanted us to try it. He and mom were willing to gift us the trip; it’s a gift that continues today.

From the moment we arrived on the ranch property, everything the staff team did was focused on creating a relaxing and fulfilling experience for every guest. Some of the things we experienced included:

  • Organized activities with lots of options tailored to various needs
  • A suitable horse to match your horse sense and riding experience
  • Teen activities that included riding and “working ranch” activities.
  • Specialized activities for children.
  • Delicious meals served family style.
  • Evening programs of classic melodramas or sing-alongs
  • A seamless vacation experience with nothing out of place–western cabins, attentive and pleasant staff, and interactions that validated each guest.

It was an amazing time. In fact, Mom and Dad brought us back two more times. It also instilled in our family a love for Colorado, where we now live (only 24 miles from the ranch.)  And we still talk about those great memories.

Your team’s interactions with customers leave lasting impressions. Are your customers coming away with powerfully positive experiences? Are you wowing your clients (in a positive way, not a negative way)? If not, what can you start doing to create an aligned culture with amazing memories?

S Chris Edmonds
S. Chris Edmonds is a speaker, author, and executive consultant. He shares insights on organizational culture, servant leadership, employee engagement, and workplace inspiration. He writes books and articles and records podcasts. In his free time, he's a working musician with the Brian Raine band in Denver, CO.
S Chris Edmonds


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