How to Create Catchy Headlines Readers Adore

How to Create Catchy Headlines Readers Adore - People Development Network
How to Create Catchy Headlines Readers Adore - People Development Network

Do Your Headlines do Justice to Your Articles? 

One of the concepts I was introduced to when I undertook a year-long mentoring course with one of the UK’s leading marketing experts, was that “You are only as good as your first click”.   Always in it for the long haul, it took a while for the truth of this to sink in.  One of the main ways of gaining click through is via headlines.

So what does that first click mean?  It means no matter how good your product, your service or your article, if you don’t get your intended audience to make that first click, you have just wasted your time, effort and most importantly, your expertise has been by-passed.

As a writer and blogger, the only way to get your audience to even consider reading your well-written expertise is to get them to make that first click, via your headline.  Your headline is absolutely crucial to make that first engagement with your audience.

Popular types of Headline

I wrote for for a while until my schedule simply didn’t allow me to continue.  In my humble opinion, are the masters at headlines.  They know what they are doing and they know what works.  This infographic from Larry Kim of, gives some great tips.

There are millions of articles published on the internet every day, and competition is tough.  You need to include your keyword or key phrase in your headline.  It’s no good being too mysterious. You need be really clear about what the subject is, and what the reader will gain from it.  Here is a list detailing 11 types of successful headlines, from Neil Patel of Quicksprout.  He is a prolific blogger and he constantly tests results of his work.  Neil contends that some successful bloggers will spend at least half of their time on their headline.

On the People Development Network, these headlines have proved the most successful:

10 Habits I Learned From Self-Made People  – By Laura Jonson

5 Very Simple Skills That Will Radically Improve Your Life – By Rick Riddle

Self Awareness In The Workplace – By Julie Gordon

5 Characteristics of an Open-Minded Leader –  by Christina Lattimer

How to Make Managing Poor Performance Easy by Christina Lattimer

As you can see, our readers like to learn something about themselves!  Additionally,  all these headlines are succinct and you get a good idea about the subject up front.

Use a Headline Tool

When I was writing for other publications I came across a great headline tool.  The creators of the tool contend that it is the “emotional” nature of the headline which compels people to click through.  It’s a good tool and one which can help you to refine your headline.  For the headline for this article I input:

Key things to know about writing headlines  

This title scored just 28%  Next I thought I’d get a little more emphatic:

Does Your Headline Do You Justice?

An improvement at 33%, So next I decided to add some juicy promise to the headline.

How To Create Catchy Headlines Readers Adore

This came in at a massive 57%

So if you want to make the absolute most of those precious words of wisdom you have written, spend at least some time on choosing a headline which will do it justice, or at least one which your readers will adore!

Christina Lattimer
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Christina Lattimer
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Christina Lattimer
Christina Lattimer