4 Things To Watch Out For When Relocating Your Office

4 Things To Watch Out For When Relocating Your Office - People Development Network
4 Things To Watch Out For When Relocating Your Office - People Development Network


Relocating your office?

Whether you’re downsizing or expanding to new locations, moving to a new office can be a physically and mentally exhausting process. Across the sea of boxes and the piles of paperwork to be signed and filed, important factors can be accidentally overlooked, which can delay the process of relocation. Here’s four things to watch out for if you’re switching sites soon.

Plan in Advance

Develop a checklist to guide you through the whole transition. List all details you need to settle and keep track of. Ideally, you should have already constructed a checklist at least a month before your planned relocation. While there’s a lot that could change as items are added or subtracted from the equation, a well-detailed checklist should cover the bulk of your business operations. Review the checklist regularly to make sure you are moving right on schedule.

Notify Key People

This includes your employees, partners, and customers. If you are leasing the business location, of course it’s important to notify your landlord or property manager in advance. Don’t wait to inform your landlord at the very day or week of your relocation. This can result in penalties or being charged with the next month’s rent. Settle all debts and binding contracts your business has before you relocate.

Encourage Employees to Stay With You 

Moving to a new location means increased distance and time for some employees who commute. A significant increase in commute could possibly lead some employees to looking for employment elsewhere. Losing too much of your talent pool during the transition phase can be life-threatening for your business since this is one of the phases where you need all hands on deck. Encourage them to stay by working with them on various transportation options that could ease their commute time and cost.

Secure Your Information

Before you move to a new location, it is important to make sure your data for business operations is secure. If you ensure your data is secure and backed-up in various locations, you could save yourself stress and hassle should some of you data get lost in the process of moving. This could happen if equipment and information is damaged or lost. If you are unsure of the best way to back-up your data, consider getting help like these IT services in Ottawa.
Relocating your office to a new spot can open up a channel for new opportunities for profit and brand growth. Just make sure you pay attention to the four things aforementioned and you should be well off.

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