Five Steps To Succession Planning

Five Steps To Succession Planning - People Development Network
Five Steps To Succession Planning - People Development Network

Succession planning is essential

1.Recruit on attitude

Succession planning should start before the recruitment process begins. Think about recruiting on attitude rather purely on qualification or experience because the will and desire to learn, change and develop cannot be taught. You can train the person for the job but you can’t change their attitude or personality.

 2. Light the way

Do everything you can to help them to understand your ethos through engagement and coaching. This doesn’t always have to be through formal training. Networking, benchmarking, one-to-one mentoring, on-the-job training and encouraging research outside of the organisation can all stimulate interest and make a career path shine. Investing time and resources into helping individuals to progress will reap tangible business benefits.

3. Set clear objectives

Most of us work best when we have a clear idea of what is expected of us. Setting clear objectives and measurement tools enables individuals to keep in tune with their own performance. A structured appraisal process, objectives, and reviews all help to benchmark how they are doing within their role and within the wider business – essential for keep morale and job satisfaction high.

4. All for one

Promote an ‘as one’ united approach to remind everyone that these are shared goals. An open and transparent relationship at all levels give a sense of comradery and pride. A non-hierarchical structure also allows people to progress and to see career routes more clearly.

5. Never stop rewarding

If staff feel valued and worthy of investment, they will be motivated and inspired to do better. This is the cornerstone of achieving great customer service, and therefore, a thriving business. Every motivation you can give, from awards and gifts to social events, will help to make an individual feel appreciated and happy. There is no doubt that happy staff equals happy customers.

David Vaughton

David Vaughton

Director of Venues at EEF Venues
David Vaughton is director of venues for EEF Venues, a group of three AIM-gold accredited conference venues: Broadway House (Westminster); Woodland Grange (Leamington Spa) and Engineers’ House (Bristol). For the last three consecutive years, EEF Venues has been named ‘No 1 Small Group’ in the BDCR Continental’s VenueVerdict Awards, the only industry awards programme based entirely on the voice of customers. David is a Fellow of the Institute of Hospitality and on the executive board of the MIA (Meeting Industry Association).
David Vaughton
David Vaughton

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