Look at the Ability

Look at the Ability - People Development Network
Look at the Ability - People Development Network

Look at the ability

Don’t look at the race, gender, age, and disability; look at the ability instead because it is the ability that will get the job done.

When we see a person for the first time, we quickly make assumptions about that person before we even get to know them and many cases we dismiss them because of those assumptions. This is because it’s an actual primitive instinct to choose what we think is the best.

Everyone complains when it happens to them but they do the same to others without ever thinking how they felt when it happened to them.

When we go for a job interview “does not matter what type of job or industry” we are judged by the interviewer on how they see what is best for them “the primitive instinct” of I like this person or I don’t like this person and does this person fit in. The actual ability is often forgotten in the background.

Most people focus on the negatives instead of the positives. An example is answering 10 question with 9 positives and 1 negative. That one negative is obsessed over and a decision is made on that.

There are some people such as true entrepreneurs, innovators, visionaries and great leaders that bypass the “primitive instinct” and only see/focus on the ability. These people have created-invented the products-services and started the companies we have now.

When there are different types of people “diversity” there ideas, skills, knowledge and experience is used in that company.

All those different ways create innovation, better products, and services because it caters to all instead of one sort and when a business does not design/make their products/services for all, that company misses out on the majority of consumers.

Most people can work well in any type of job and company and then there are some that can’t or don’t fit in no matter how much they try and so for those people creating their own careers-business-companies is what they are best suited for.

It is a complete waste of time-effort-resources trying to fit in or convincing an employer to hire you when all that time-effort-resources should be used in your ideas and abilities to create your own careers.

No matter where you are in your life, the situation and circumstances you’re in, it is never too late to create your own career or start a business because if it does not exist, create it.


George Naumovski
Business consultant, entrepreneur, founder & owner of GNCORP.
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