Could you be an Extreme Recruiter?

Could You be an Extreme Recruiter - People Development Network
Could You be an Extreme Recruiter - People Development Network

In a recent interview with a Canadian Deloitte, consultant revealed a completely out of the ordinary recruitment tactic for their tech talent. Instead, the laborious 3 or 4 multi-step process which has put many coders off applying, they’ve been going out to hackathons to find talent and assess people in a live environment, making on the spot offers.

They call it extreme recruiting. Fit the process to the person not the other way around and make it interesting – it’s what a good employer brand is all about. They’ve changed the whole talent finding a game plan. It seems to be working.

What other roles could benefit from this approach? Here are some examples…

 Sales – exhibitions, phone calls, shops and businesses where sales people strut their stuff, are ideal environments to go out and talk to people or invite them in to sell you something. It’s real, it’s live and you can get a real “feel” for who they are.

Customer service and caring professions – if you have ever been on the receiving end of great service you know how much that means to you. These people are gold. Why not invite them in or pass them your business card? Vocational professions such as nurses demonstrate their skills best when they perform live so take a trip or volunteer and combine the purpose of your visits.

Creative types – often hang out in theatre groups or am dram societies … have you looked there? In forums and specialist online groups – high contributors are ones that stand out and just the people you could be looking for – reach out to them.

Accountants, STEM areas and techs – the serious people can be harder to reach but it’s worth the effort. Contacts and referrals and forums can be good places to hunt them down and make them feel at ease. Conferences, formal gatherings are great intelligence hubs, hanging out with people who are like-minded professionally and who want to grow.


Extreme recruiting is a basic concept that you go to them, the possibility that you can make any hiring process interesting and practical but fit it to the type of person you are so desperately searching for – so much more personalised and direct. Are you in?


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John Fillingham

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