The Power of Collaborative Sharing – How we Share Your Article

Being visible on social media - People Development Network
Being visible on social media - People Development Network

Helping us share your article

Today, I am sharing with you how we distribute your article across the web and via social media.  We are working hard to extend our reach so we share your article to the widest possible audience, but we need your help.  There is power in collaborative sharing and we would love to collaborate with you in that way.  There are 5 distinct ways you could help us to help you.

  1.  Read the article about how we share your articles below, and share your article through your own social media platforms, or go on to ours and share your article from each particular platform.  We have provided direct links.
  2. Post a link to your article on the magazine on your blog.  It serves neither of us to have duplicate wording, but a title and a link will direct visitors to your blog to your valuable expertise.  Also, post your Author Badge on your website to help people find your article on our ezine.
  3. Please go and follow or like us or somehow connect with us on each and every platform.  We will follow you back where we are able to.  Ask your own network to follow or like us too.
  4.  Please share our latest articles from fellow authors to your networks.  Set up automated prompts or an RSS feed through your social media platforms, or simply regularly visit our twitter feed or your preferred platform and get sharing.  Reciprocal goodwill works wonders.  And finally
  5. Here are a few unique ways you can share your article.
    • Post your article on your Linkedin profile.  (there are spaces to showcase your articles)
    • Post a summary of your article with a link to it on a Linkedin publisher.
    • Post your article to your Linkedin Company and across your Linkedin groups
    • Share your article on your own Newsletter
    • Link to the bottom of your email
    • Create some slides and post on Slide share with a link to the original article.

How we share your article

The People Development Network is a relatively young ezine.   We began our online website in November 2013, but our real work began in January this year when we began to build our author base and readership.  We are growing our author expertise and readership daily.  Our growth is demonstrable when we achieved 10k monthly visitors in June 2015 and in just over 12 months we achieved 35k monthly visitors.

We are a small and tightly run publication dedicated to helping people develop by sharing the expertise of our authors.    At the minute our web presence is growing steadily with a great proportion of our visitors finding us through search engines.  However, our platform is mostly about harnessing the power of social media and widely sharing your article.  After all, you’ve spent time writing the article, sharing your expertise, and we want to share it to the widest possible audience.  This is how we distribute the majority of your articles.

Linkedin Groups

Firstly we share your article with our Groups on Linkedin.  This isn’t always done immediately.  One of the powerful ways we most effectively share your article is by spreading our shares over a number of platforms at different times over a period of months.  When your article is published, we post to our group share queue.  This effectively shares your articles with around 44 of the top people development Linkedin Groups.  This includes our own Inspirational Leadership Group, which has over 23k members.

Social Media Sites

Our social media reach is wide and varied and the platforms we share to are:

Twitter @pdiscoveryuk

Twitter @emilePDMagazine

Facebook – The People Development Network

Linkedin Profile








We hope you join us in helping us to help yours and others articles.  After all, Sharing is Caring!

Christina Lattimer
I help leaders develop self- mastery, helping them to become confident in their own inner guidance. I collaborate with leadership experts, managers and HR professionals to help them get their own message and unique services and products to a wide audience.
Christina Lattimer
- 2 years ago
Christina Lattimer
Christina Lattimer