When you do the same thing over and over again, you tend to get bored and restless as your job seems tedious and so a few different tasks give you a variety of things to do as a little variety in your life relaxes the mind which makes you more productive and creative .

One example of this is in factory type work such as on a production and assembly lines whereas a few times during a workers shift the workers would change tasks with others so they are not doing the same repetitive thing for their full shift and it was proven to lift productivity as workers were not feeling too tired and made fewer mistakes. This also can be used for any type of job as you just need to modify it to suit the type of work involved.

You take any job that you can get or do but you hunt for a career as it is something you want to do but when that career turns out to be different to what you expected it to be, you start wondering did you make the right decision or is there something different and would that “something different” be any better.

Some people change jobs or careers or start their own business.

There is always a risk and some have more to lose than others such as leaving a secure job or family commitments and things of that nature as in leaving a “financial security”  job and going at it on your own.

We all have ideas for a product, services or how to improve a product and service. Some people would take the step to make their ideas/product/service into a business as many have done but only a few have succeeded.

You can try many things to see what works for you but everyone is a little different in what they want and like and reading or hearing about what one person did, how they did it does not necessarily mean it will work out for that as it did for them. You can make a plan or a commitment to succeed but there is no guarantee to success.

If you are an employer or manager you need to know about your employees and how their work is being done and what can be improved. The problem of tedious repetitiveness is a productivity drain and so an improvement  can be to give your employees a varied amount of variety as it is proven to be of a productive benefit such as you can retain valuable-skilled-dedicated or gain skilled-dedicated employees.


Business consultant, entrepreneur, founder of GNCORP.