The Right Person For The Job

When to call in help from HR - People Development Network
When to call in help from HR - People Development Network

Creating the job ad

When an employer writes and places a job advertisement, they need to be clear about what the job involves and what they are actually looking for or need.

Many place an ad representing a job that does not exist as to mislead an applicant hoping to get anyone to apply because they can’t get anyone to fill the position and by doing that, are unlikely to get anyone to fill that position.

Advertise what the job actually is, what it actually involves, the actual pay, the actual hours and any other requirements. If the ad is truthful then the person applying for that job will actually do that job.

The diversity factor

Race, gender and any disability you have should not be a factor when being chosen for a positions;  sadly it is but as more of a diverse mix of people become management or gain a position, the ability rather than the “what is seen” comes through and some people get the job because of their ability instead of who they know.

Sometimes a specific type of person is needed for the position; an example could be a  female or male or a specific background or a person with a disability due to the real life experience would be the best choice as for what they know and have the ability to do what that job requires.

Employment agencies

When an employment agency cannot fill a position because no one wants those types of jobs, they would then just try to fill it with anyone looking for a job, even if they are not suitable for that job.

As there is always a shortage of people taking up unskilled manual labour and sales customers service jobs, they need to be filled by people who can actually do those jobs.

It is not about the skill set, it’s about the actual mentality such as for labouring jobs, you need to be physically capable of doing that work as for sales-customer service orientated jobs, you need the right attitude-mentality and ability in being with other people.

Put the wrong person in and that job does not get done correctly!

Know your candidates and employees

Accept people the way they are, wanting someone to do what they can’t, won’t make them do it, knowing what each person’s ability is and employing that person for what they can do is what makes a manager or employer smart and the business succeed.

Owners of companies and managers don’t like to be told what to do especially by their employees but sometimes the employee knows more about a certain aspect of a procedure or what position needs to be filled.

Managers feel threatened by this when an employee under them knows more as for where the owners have the attitude of “it’s my company and I run it as I see fit” even though it’s crumbling around them.

This goes back to the “right person for the job” and so when hiring or placing staff, you need to actually know your employees ability and where best to place each person instead of “you do what I tell you to do” theory because that theory leads to employees doing the half attempt at that job which creates mistakes and is very costly in the long run.


Productivity has a few different meanings but the two common explanations are

(1) Getting the most work out of a person for the cheapest possible price and the least amount of mistakes.

(2) Placing the right person for the specific job, the person with the skills and experience to do that job correctly and get that job done.

Explanation (1) is mostly chosen because employers look at the cost figure rather than the productive outcome as the majority of jobs only require that and especially when outsourcing.

Explanation (2) is used for a highly skilled job but it can and should be used for most jobs because it will give the most productivity with the least amount of mistakes.

The network of connection 

We have all heard the saying “it’s who you know not what you know” or “you need to know someone” but it is true to a certain point.

Most jobs “the type of jobs people want” are filled that way but the question is, is that person suitable for that position.

Do they have the skills, knowledge, experience and ability to do that job?   Many don’t and so mistakes and the cost associated with it go through the roof as productivity falls.

The companies that have the right people for the job, always keep costs and mistakes down as their productivity and profits rise.

The graduate

When a student had finished all their schooling either qualified training-trades or university, they job hunt with a positive attitude and an expectation they will get the job they want “because society told them they will”.

Many don’t get the job they want and have the qualifications for because they don’t know anyone to get them in or employers want skills, experience.

They either end up doing a job that has no skills set- minimum wage or stay unemployed. Business owners and managers need to remember that someone hired you and gave you a chance!

It is not just on one set of people in society, it’s about business owners-employers, managers, employment agencies and job seekers that need to collaborate with each other.  Stop seeking the perfect outcome, the dream job – the dream employee because that does not exist; instead, seek to work together to create a better outcome for all.

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