9 Attributes of a Right Minded Leader

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Right Minded Leadership - People Development Network

A right minded leader makes inspirational choices

The world is crying out for change.    The way we work and interact with each other will have to change if we are to move forward in a less destructive, careless way.  No longer can the old values of self-interest, personal competitiveness, and results at all cost be sustainable.   Values, collaboration, responsibility and a recognition that we are all in this together must prevail. These are the characteristics of a right minded leader.

We have to be more conscious of the choices we are making. Our choices stem from two paradigms.  One is the mind of the ego.  When we are making choices from an ego paradigm the characteristics of our choices are cloaked in fear, scarcity, specialness, entitlement and a victim mentality.  The other is the mind of our higher self.  When we are making choices with this paradigm, they are characteristically, loving, win/win, from a position of strength, equality, happiness, and joy based.   We all use these two minds sometimes, although we are often not aware of it.

The higher mind

The higher mind is, in fact, our right or true mind.  When the right minded leader makes choices, it always results in peace, love, and happiness.  It recognises that we are all connected and that our true nature is loving and inclusive.

If we are not using our right mind, it is usually because we are afraid. We don’t like ourselves very much or feeling guilty about something. Though we may not be consciously aware of it    In many cultures, especially in a work environment, leading and making choices from our right mind can seem fluffy and unrealistic. The reality is, it is tough and shows strength of real character.  It is indeed the road less travelled.

So in the new world, true leadership will come from those who are able to access the right mind.   This can be a tall order for some people, but a necessary step.  Some of the attributes of someone who uses right minded thinking more consistently than others are:


An understanding of the choices and impact of choosing between the ego and the right mind. Being aware of how you personally tick.  Understanding learning about yourself is a life long journey.  Being aware you have multiple blind spots to uncover.


Resilience against the ego thought system and the pressure to conform to negative beliefs.  Having internal mechanisms which strengthen your interaction with the world.  Being able to interact with strength, but also with love and a win/win mentality.

Ability to tap into the right mind

Being able to pause before reacting and choosing one’s thoughts.  Understanding you are choosing in every moment.  Choosing right or ego mindedness.  This is an ability to tap into alternative perceptions.  Choosing the perception which fits right minded thinking, which is loving and honours self and others.


A recognition that we are all in it together and an appreciation that their choices matter and therefore they choose carefully and with humility. They understand that everyone is equally valuable, being one with the rest of humanity.  Understanding the great responsibility they bear with this knowledge.


A vision is borne out of collective interest and not self-interest.  Being able to lead others for the greater good.  Having the confidence and foresight to set out a way forward and the confidence of their ability to create and make a real difference.


A no-blame culture in every situation.  The victim and persecutor dynamics are dissolved. Taking personal responsibility for their own experience.  Helping others to take responsibility too.


Kindness, inclusivity – not excluding anyone, sharing, realising everyone is equally valuable, and can equally make mistakes.  Always choosing to be kind to all, in every situation.


Understanding when to let go and when to pursue.  The ability to tap into the collective consciousness, the universal wisdom which is available to us all.

Non – Judgemental

Realising everyone is either acting from their right mind, which is kindness,  or their ego mind where there is a lack of kindness.  Realising that without contrast we can never learn and never choose.  Accepting when the contrast appears negative, then learning and good can come.

And finally, they will be courageous.  The ego decision maker in our make-up and culture is the norm.  The true leader has to have the courage to put their head above the parapet and challenge the norm, whilst respecting everyone’s right to choose.  No mean task.

Are you a right minded leader?  Do you have examples of great leadership?  What are your views?  I’d love to hear from you.

Christina Lattimer
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Christina Lattimer


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