What’s The Best Method to Getting Hired?

Whats the best method to getting hired - People Development Network - ratio of success
Whats the best method to getting hired - People Development Network - ratio of success

What’s the best method to getting hired?

Ratio of Success

As a Recruiter, and now a Job Seeker Coach, I am often asked, “What’s the best method to getting hired?” My answer is to understand the Ratio of Success. Only by understanding the Ratio of Success will job seekers engage with new methods to gain job opportunities and secure work. Of course, everything depends upon the actual specific of the job.

Here are the ratios to consider:

1.     Type of Role: Standard Jobs. Starter, Junior or small team management, or general low skilled work to supporting roles or specific duty work. This can encompass a wide range of job types

Ratio of Success: 1,000 to 1

Description: Less than 1% of people who apply to a typical job posting actually get hired for the job

2.     Type of Role: Key function. Business critical work requiring defined skill sets, market familiarities, and value add. This type of role can be classed as specialist.

Ratio of Success: 250 to 1

Description: Few top-tier talent actually apply for this type of job they are probably passive, that is to say, they are employed, prospering and only apply for a job if the are approached to do so, however they scan the market for opportunities and

3.     Type of Role: Directly sourced. Here Recruiters reach out to top talent who have the exact or near exact background, key performance indicators and achievement patterns, i.e. who are considered by the Recruiter as “best fit” against the candidate criteria represented in their Client’s hiring brief.

Ratio of Success: 50 to 1

Description: Top talent is unaware of the actual job until briefed by a Recruiter as a job/career opportunity.

4.     Type of Role: Employee referral. Someone who works at the Company that is hiring provides and recommends an individual who works elsewhere.

Ratio of Success: 12 to 1

Description: Referrals are a key source of talent acquisition for both Recruiters and HR whereby an employee recommends top talent that has the appropriate background, skills and abilities.

5.     Type of Role: Trusted Referral. An individual known to the Hiring Manager of a Company who values the capability of an individual that they know or have worked with in the past.

Ratio of Success: 5 to 1

Description: This is Achievement Patterns in action, whereby the career of individuals is enhanced due to their peers/managers preferences to continue working with them from Company to Company.

6.     Type of Role: Internal Promotion. Often Companies seek new talent for their vacancies, however, the first consideration should be internal talent. Do they have an individual who could fill the position?

Ratio of Success: 2 to 1

Description: Recruiting internally often produces a very strong hire. It provides continuity, certainty and offers career growth, resulting in greater value to the Employer.

Ratio of Success

Logically the answer to the question “What’s the best method to getting hired?” whether it is asked by a job seeker or an Employer is it depends upon the Ratio of Success or the best method and certainty of securing the right talent for a role.

As a job seeker, you need to understand the Ratio of Success. You need to get to know the various approaches to job seeking and their resulting ability to getting you hired. For example simply responding to jobs online places you amongst the crowd with less than 1% of success. If you transfer your time and effort into profiling yourself to be found by a Recruiter your Ratio of Success increases to 50 to 1. This means that a Recruiter will find and select you to be considered for job opportunities. If you don’t know how to profile yourself then you need Recruitment-Guru.com.

As an Employer, if you require speed of hire, positive accuracy of finding and selecting an individual that is best placed to fill a vacancy, the Ratio of Success points to 4,5 and 6 of the Role Types above.

Job seekers whether they are actively looking for work or simply viewing the job opportunity landscape should ask themselves first “What’s the best method to getting hired?” then understand the Ratios of Success and how to engage with the ones most likely to result in employment.

Employers, add a little logic to the recruitment process and always start with the determining which Ratio of Success approach will deliver top talent before selecting the method of hire. Traditionally placing job opportunities on online job boards is easy to do but creates a huge amount of time and effort sorting the chaff from the wheat. Engaging a Recruiter is the next traditional method, however, this will come at a cost and may not always deliver a speedy resolution or certainty of securing the right talent. Recruiting through referrals increases the Ratio of Success, is quicker and produces Candidates who stay for the long term.

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