What would Albert say?

If Albert Einstein were a Recruitment Guru, What would Albert say?

Einstein had a brilliant insight into many things that influence us today, however, if he was a Recruitment-Guru What would Albert say? Here are a few Einsteinium Career tips that should help you in your career:

1.Your friends, family and work colleagues may have your interest at heart but they aren’t the best source of professional career advice.
If you want to get ahead in your career, get professional advice.

2. Always be kind to the receptionist, especially at an interview.
This goes for anyone, no matter how far up the food chain they are. You never know whom the receptionist knows and influences.

3. The weaknesses that you’re unaware of will hurt you the most.
Use any roadblocks in your career to determine your hidden weaknesses. This might be hard, and involve asking the people who didn’t hire you exactly why they did not hire you for the job—it might be painful what they tell you, but it will help you in the long run.

4. The number one quality for getting hired is likability.
What would Albert say? E=mc² Well, not exactly. People want to hire other people that they are attracted to for a number of reasons. They want to spend valuable time with people who share the same dynamics and values. Of course, there will always be Assholes who get hired, but they are the exception, not the rule.

5. Study and work in whatever seemingly unrelated areas you are interested in, even if it’s just a hobby.
That way, when your dream job comes up, you’ll be perfectly and uniquely qualified for it.

6. Learn how to properly use questions.
You can learn, get answers, give answers, mentor people and develop your reputation just by using questions. Learn to use questions in a non-threatening way and you will open up many doors. That’s what would Albert say, he never stopped asking questions, and his resulting theories shaped our future understanding.

7. Important, Exciting careers aren’t linear or clearly defined.

They depict how you take opportunities, often for advancement, knowledge and the application of your skills and values.

8. Don’t just look up for opportunities, look laterally.
What would Albert say? People with diverse experience usually progress faster than people with more experience.

9. Don’t be better, be different.
You might not have the exact experience listed on the job description, but if you can show how your unique skills, knowledge and attitude would better suit the Company, you then have a better shot than someone who is a more technical match.

10. The best job for you won’t be ready at the exact time you are “ready.”
You have to be open to and searching for opportunities all the time.

11. Jobs are a marathon, not a sprint.
People who always work every hour of their day in the office will have to compensate somehow and their output will be slowed down in the long run.

12. Don’t complain about Mondays.
It’s like wearing a huge sign that says: “I hate my job and do not want to be here.” It’s fine to be looking forward to down time, but work time shouldn’t feel that bad. If you hate your job that much, you don’t have the right job, change it!

13. Sometimes it’s better to share credit for something even if you did most of the work.
You’ll be building allies and creating a synergy and what you give out, usually returns manifold.

14. Do not underestimate the power of social rituals.
Always saying “no” to after-work drinks or social occasions shouldn’t affect your job, but it probably will.

15. Talk openly about your failures.
People will respect and trust you if they see that you’re taking risks and aren’t ashamed to learn from them. We all learn from our failures.

16. Give well-deserved praise to your co-workers.
It makes you both look good. Even [or especially] if your co-worker did something better than you.

17. Ask your boss what their biggest problem is and make it go away.
That’s the quickest way to prove your importance and develop your future potential.

18. Your main goal at work should be to learn and contribute.
Success and promotion will follow from there. What would Albert say? Information silos benefit no one, by sharing valuable knowledge you will benefit everyone, including yourself.

19. Reviews only happen one or twice a year – But appraisals happen every day

Assume that everything you do will have an effect on your raise and promotion opportunities.

20. The people you know who leave your current Company are often more valuable to you than those still with your company.
Those connections can lead you to new opportunities that you wouldn’t otherwise know about. Make sure to always stay in touch.

21. As an employee, you are essentially a small business of one.
Your Employer is the Customer, and you must focus on how to increase your value by using insight to enable improved performance.

22. Do everything you can to make your boss look good.
They will remember this when it is time for a promotion or a raise.

23. DO NOT make enemies if you can avoid it.
Most business sectors are charged with relativity, this translates to how information travels, how people you know turn up in other Companies that you may depend upon during your career, and how negatively energy affects positive outcomes.

24. You don’t get ahead by doing your job well
You get ahead by making new things happen that weren’t a part of your job description.

25. Make sure people know when your work is successful.
Sometimes higher ups only see things that work, not who made them work. Make sure to get credit where it’s due.

26. When you get promoted, the majority of your work relationships are going to change.
People that were comfortable with who you were will now test you.

27. Don’t look too busy.
Sometimes people aren’t asked to do bigger, more important tasks if it takes them a long time to complete their basic work.


Remember, how you do your work is more important than what you do.

29. Ultimately, your career is largely a concept that exists in your mind.
What you really have is a series of jobs, strung together, that form a story you are in charge of writing. What would Albert say? Each job is a pearl strung together in a necklace. Most people never buy a single pearl unless it is unique and very special. Most people only see the necklace, and how each pearl relates the surrounding pearls to make a perfect whole. This is how attraction and desirability are measured.

The above are the pearls of wisdom based upon what would Albert say if he was a Recruitment Guru.

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