Ten Tips to Maintain Motivation  

 What can you do to keep upbeat & motivated “when all around you are losing it and blaming it on you!”

In the global, virtual and diverse world we live in it is often hard to motivate yourself and maintain the motivation of those around you on a daily basis.  Your teams are starting to be discouraged and disengaged, it feels as if you are pushing boulders up hills, it’s one step forward and two steps back.  Your own motivation is low and you begin to question your own ability and competence.

I remember when I was part of a team of executive coaches working globally in a very stressful and pressured environment. Our HR coordinator was a very experienced and talented individual and she constantly brought out the best in everyone. When things went well she found strengths and behaviours we had exhibited and gave specific examples. She shared openly when we were faced with challenges and found ways to motivate and inspire us to do even better. She strengthened our international and diverse team by sharing amusing stories and created trust and a sense of pride in the work we were doing. www.coach4executives.com

Here are Ten Tips to Maintain Motivation 

These are ten tips for a motivating exercise you can share with your teams encouraging them to consider and share their stories with others.  It’s a great way to spend time with them as they get to know each other better and will build strong relationships and maintain motivation.

  1. Imagine a time in your life when you were at your best and that motivates you.
  2. Imagine what you achieved how you managed it or how you overcame a tricky situation. Ideally, something that is meaningful to you and shows you in your best light.
  3. Now imagine the details of that event or situation when you were at your best.
  4. Type up focusing on your values, skills, strengths and behaviours telling the story in your own words with no judgement.
  5. Explain a real story starting with an introduction where you outline the event.
  6. Give a more detailed middle where you describe your strengths, how you felt, what you thought and did that motivated you
  7. Then create an interesting end reflecting on what you achieved, how you achieved it and your transferable skills.
  8. Reread your story every day for a week. (this is important as you are feeding your brain with positive and motivating aspects of you when you’re at your best.)
  9. As you read, ask yourself what skills, behaviours and qualities you displayed when you were at your best.
  10. Finally, let yourself focus on all the things you’re good at when you’re at your best.  Praise yourself and don’t be afraid to ‘blow your own trumpet’ Do this on a regular basis and you will notice a significant change in terms of motivation.

Which of those values, strengths and behaviours do you use or have you put them aside recently? How can you use your optimum behaviours and strengths to your advantage in your work and your daily life?  How can you model and influence your teams and direct reports so they can maintain motivation in times of stress and uncertainty?

Because creating a culture of trust, respect and recognition for work well done helps to build strong teams. Supporting them to share positive stories and being open when things go wrong will foster collaboration and build trust. Finding ways to recognise specific skills and praise individual and collective behaviours and accomplishments are great ways to ensure you maintain motivation and employee engagement.


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